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One Eight Six: Buy one Get One Free (Always Free)

Episode One Eight Six: Buy one Get One Free (Always Free)

Part 1

Recorded August 28th

Special two episode drop this time around. We talk Ahsoka.  Well, “talk” is a generous term.  We spent a lot of time in these episodes yelling at each other.  We have wildly differing views on season 1 of the Star Wars series.

Should there be a season 2?  You tell us!


Episode One Seven Three: Sadie Sink and Vivien Lyra Blair Appreciation Episode

Episode One Seven Three: Sadie Sink and Vivien Lyra Blair Appreciation Episode

Recorded 7/5/2022

Back on our bullshit.  A proper Two-Shot.  We talk Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi and we talk Stranger Things Season 4.  You can imagine our opinions vary wildly.  Patrick doesn’t think Kenobi’s stakes are high enough, Andrew disagrees.  Andrew loves that Season 4 goes full horror mystery but thinks there are just too many characters, Christopher disagrees.  The discussions are mostly respectful, our mother would be proud.  We also discuss our “Save Me From Vecna” songs.

Trivia is Stranger Things themed and turns out to be not that hard.

Covid is still a thing, act accordingly.


Episode One Seven Two: Both Patrick and Maverick are Dads now.

Episode One Seven Two: Both Patrick and Maverick are Dads now.

Recorded June 18th, 2022

You read that correctly, Patrick is now a father.  His partner delivered a healthy little girl and he has been on newborn duty these past few weeks.  But that hasn’t stopped him from making a rapid-fire list of things we may have missed in the past couple of months.  We discuss the latest entries in the MCU, the sheer over abundance of genre television and two of us sing the praises of Top Gun Maverick.  And one of us might just be convinced to see it again.  Also we are all playing Baldur’s Gate 3 at release.  Andrew will be completely lost.

Stay tuned for one Shots arriving soon about Obi Wan KenobiStranger Things and much more!

Trivia is Tom Cruise themed.  Because, let’s face it, he is the greatest movie star ever.  And might just be the first truly immortal “human”

The Pandemic is still a thing, take care of each other.


Episode One Six Eight: We Pressed the Record Button.

Recorded March 13th, 2022

So, many hiatuses does that make for us? Four? Five?  We won’t ask if you missed us because we know the answer is an unqualified “Yes!”.  We get caught up, kind of. Patrick still hasn’t seen The Batman.  But he will in the near future.  We talk the nut-crushing difficulty of Elden Ring.  Andrew decides it isn’t for him.  We chat about the  satisfying final season of The Expanse.  And the equally satisfying resolution to the book series the show is based on.  We hope that the Halo TV series is just a little bit good and are willing to give season 2 of Star Trek Picard a chance after a mixed bag of a first season.

No trivia this week as Andrew is unprepared.

Save the world, get vaccinated.   


One Two Nine: The Double Issue One Shot

One Two Nine: The Double Issue One Shot

Recorded 3/1/2020

We love our metaphors here at the BrothersGeek and this episode proves that point.  We talk two Star Trek Picard episodes this time around.  We discuss the highs and lows, the silliness and the darkness, the gruesome and the actually murderous.  Patrick continues to struggle with his expectations with what a Star Trek series should be.  We all agree that these episodes struggle with tone but one bright spot shines out.  Johnathon Del Arco’s Hugh gives us hope that Star Trek Picard will find its way back to into the light.

A special discussion caps this episode as we talk briefly about the next era of Star Wars called The High Republic.

Trivia is too easy.  Expect Andrew to make it impossible next episode.

Boldly Go.


One One Eight:The Rise of Skywalker footage One Shot

One One Eight: The Rise of Skywalker footage One Shot

Recorded on 8/28/19

We record this episode late at night and we get a little slap happy.

We dissect nearly frame by frame the current footage of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.  We posit our hopes, extrapolations, and our truly wild theories.  Chris is the MVP as he poses the most mind-melty theory Andrew and Patrick have heard yet.

The link below takes you to the official starwars.com Episode IX page.  Watch the footage for yourself and share your theories with us.  We’d love to hear them. 


May the Force Be With You. 


One One Seven: A Brother’s Cry for Help

Episode One One Seven: A Brother’s Cry for Help

Recorded 8/19/2019

This episode is extra long for your extra enjoyment.  We catch up on Star Wars and geek related news.  We lament the worst line in the history of our favorite film franchise (and maybe the history of cinema). Chris is excited to learn of the return of one of our favorite Showtime shows, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.  He also can’t seem to quit a show he finds deeply flawed.  Andrew and Chris sell the Patrick on the Netflix series, Mindhunter. The Brothers spend much of the episode discussing Tarantino’s latest fairy tale epic, Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood. 


Sixty Eight: Rogue One A Star Wars Story One Shot

Episode Sixty Eight: The Rogue One One Shot
recorded 12/19/2016
It’s Christmas time so that means a new Star Wars movie!  We are very happy with this new tradition.   We tell our viewing stories.  We tell you what we love, what we really love, and what we love so much that we got chills.  But this episode isn’t all gushing over the newest Star Wars film, we can be critical of the things we adore as well.  This film is dark, gritty, and fills us with hope. It’s a true Star Wars war film.


Forty Eight: Star Wars The Force Awakens One Shot

Recorded 12/23/2015
The most anticipated movie ever is released.  And we react to it, (obviously). Our theories are confirmed and exploded.  We share our viewing stories.  We report the news of its release and we share our hopes for the re-launched and reinvigorated franchise.  We record in the same room and 2/3rds of us are drinking.  We feel we have been building to this since our podcast launched.  This is quite the memorable episode.
H.S.F. now and forever.


Forty Seven: 2 Days, 22 hours, 43 minutes and 15 seconds from now….

Episode Forty Seven: 2 Days, 22 hours, 43 minutes and 15 seconds from now….
Recorded 12/14/2015.
We read an email from listener Chris Scott, he has some interesting things to say about our Star Wars Trailer One Shot.
We all have watched the first episode of “The Expanse” through various channels. Episode 2 will air on 12/16.  We all love the books and can’t wait to see if the series get’s it right.  It has the potential to be “Battlestar Galactica” good.
The “Flash/Arrow” crossover is high quality and launches the “Legends of Tomorrow“ well.
“Arrow” is all over the place.  Almost terrible right now.  Even Stephen Amell’s Not Ugliness isn’t saving it.
Andrew reads “Nemesis Games” FINALLY the plot gets moving
Christopher reports on “Childhood’s End”.  It is Arthur C. Clarke’s masterpiece.  And he wrote “2001: A Space Odyssey” so…. That’s saying something.
Patrick quizzes us on a fantasy novel he is reading.  It sounds like a lot of things we have read before.
Andrew and Chris report “Destiny‘s” December Update. Sparrow Racing League and the future of “Destiny” being free to play events rather than huge DLCs.
Andrew has purchased Halo 5 Xbox On but  has yet to hook it up.  He has been BUSY!
Patrick is playing “Fallout 4” and streaming on Twitch.  He dies a lot.  It’s pretty awesome.
New! Brothers Geek Twitch channel Twitch.tv/brothershgeekplayed
New! Brothers Geek Youtube channel Youtube.com/brothersgeekpodcast
In “Episode VI: Return of The Jedi“, Yoda, on his death bed, describes the Dark Side of the Force in 3 words. What are those words?
The Boys fail, rather terribly.