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Episode One Six Nine: The “The Batman” One Shot

Recorded March 20th, 2022

A true One Shot.  We talk The Batman and little else. 

Patrick wanted a little less of it. Andrew finds many of its moments to be perfect and Chris makes a bold statement.

We all loved it though and will watch it again.

Trivia is Catwoman themed, and hard as hell

Get vaccinated; Save the World.

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Episode One Six Eight: We Pressed the Record Button.

Recorded March 13th, 2022

So, many hiatuses does that make for us? Four? Five?  We won’t ask if you missed us because we know the answer is an unqualified “Yes!”.  We get caught up, kind of. Patrick still hasn’t seen The Batman.  But he will in the near future.  We talk the nut-crushing difficulty of Elden Ring.  Andrew decides it isn’t for him.  We chat about the  satisfying final season of The Expanse.  And the equally satisfying resolution to the book series the show is based on.  We hope that the Halo TV series is just a little bit good and are willing to give season 2 of Star Trek Picard a chance after a mixed bag of a first season.

No trivia this week as Andrew is unprepared.

Save the world, get vaccinated.   

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Episode One Six Seven: The Dune One Shot

Recorded 10/7/21

Nothing has been as anticipated for The Brothers as this movie.  We have said since the very first episode of this podcast that our collective dream is a truly well adapted version of Frank Herbert’s classic novel.  David Lynch’s 1984 abomination forever lives in BrothersGeek Hall of Shame.  The 2000 SyFy miniseries didn’t hit the target.  But Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has hit the bullseye and then some.  We each have seen the film at least twice and we each want to want it again.  We are profuse with our praise of this instant classic.

No trivia this episode as Andrew can’t think of a question that is grand enough.

Save the world, get vaccinated.  

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