2015: The Year of Supreme Geekery?


We here at Brothers Geek obviously embrace our geekiness (it’s in the name, for frakking sake), but just what does “geek” or “geekery” mean to us? And why do I say that 2015 might be or should be the year of supreme geekery?Brothers Geek started with a simple premise – brothers, with shared strong interests, gathering to talk about the things that we like to talk about, marvel at, argue about, and express our heartfelt joy in each other and these worlds that we like to inhabit. Sometimes, ad nauseum…. (Yes, Andrew, I’m Syndroming.)

Therein lies the essence of “geek” for me – that shared joy, and deep exploration of common interests in things that weren’t necessarily “mainstream” culture (this, of course, is changing
dramatically. Things that were “geek” just 10 years ago, almost everyone embraces.) But, just
because you might use a piece of tech (smartphone or computer) or really enjoy something
(Avengers, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy), doesn’t mean you are a geek.
Geeks take deep dives into those things we love.

We are not content to see the movie 3 times, we must read all the comics the characters are based on, read all the books, and encyclopedias, and fan fiction.  We watch Japanese anime (by definition geeky), and learn about the tech of a sci fi world, magic systems governing the fantasy world, figure out the nuances of game design that speak to us, and generally we freak when a new Star Wars movie is announced and gets closer to release. Insert your interest here…
2015 can be the year of supreme geekery for us and you, because it is the opportunity to fully embrace those things that make our spirit move, engage our mind and emotions to extremes, and truly live by finding something we want to be geeky about. We’ll be along for the ride with you (or maybe not, if your stuff is too weird even for us) and hopefully, you with us.

And remember, Han shot first.

– Chris