Fifteen: Badassery is the new Awesome-sauce

We kept it tight.

We report on Grant Morrison’s Batman news and the recently released plot details of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Chris is very excited for The Vision, a childhood favorite.


Christopher re-watches the “Star Wars” Prequel Trilogy with his 9 year old daughter.  He laments the murder of his own inner 9 year old by George Lucas

Patrick and Andrew both watch “Outlander”.  Andrew is current, Patrick is bored already.


Chris struggles to finish “Codex Alera” by Jim Butcher.

Andrew struggles to finish “The Golden Princess” by SM Stirling.
Both hope the endings of their respective novels will peak their interest in the sequels.

Patrick is digging on “Ready Player One”.  the Audible App is discussed.


The Brothers Geek play “Destiny” on the Xbox 360.  We are crushing hard on it.  We love playing as a fire team.

Patrick’s fear of enough content is resolved.  He has played over 50 hours.

EPL Update.  Draws for all the Brothers except Daniel, his Chelsea Blues remain perfect with 4 victories in 4 matches.


The Boys are challenged to name top 3 box office earning film franchises.  They get 2 and question the validity of the top earner as an actual franchise.


One thought on “Fifteen: Badassery is the new Awesome-sauce

  1. shawn

    Hey guys, haven’t commented in a while, but first and foremost I just want to say thank you. I enjoy the show, look forward to the next episode, and most importantly I have adjusted my read, seen and played based on your discussions. Enough ass-kissing.

    Podcast is at it’s best when you are all engaged and discussing something. If one of you is talking and the others aren’t, it is boring as hell. So, if your brothers aren’t talking then be brief and move on.

    Have to be honest and say I broke down and chain watched The Leftovers. I blame you guys. Slightly glad it is over since it dominated the podcast for a while there. Would like to hear you talk more about upcoming things/releases that you look forward too.

    Keep up the good work and Geek On!

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