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Episode One Six Two: Wanda Maximoff Levels Up

Episode One Six Two: Wanda Maximoff Levels Up

Recorded March 7th

After 9 weeks of fan theories and guessing and true internet absurdity, the finale of WandaVision has aired.  And, largely, concludes in satisfying ways.  Our admiration of Elizabeth Olsen and her wonderful achievement of carrying this series is fully cemented.  Chris breaks does the thought experiment “The Ship of Theseues” in true BrothersGeek detail and we are all the better for it We only look forward to more magic and chaos and coming to terms with life altering trauma as Phase 4 of the MCU finally kicks off.

Chris recommends the stellar Nomadland, however, he is not ready to buy a van and live on the road just yet.

Trivia is fumbled briefly because Andrew is unprepared but ends up being Zack Snyder’s Justice League themed anticipation of our next special One Shot.

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Episode One Six One: Whatever Happened to Martian Congressional Navy?

Recorded February 22nd 2021 (probably)

The finale of The Expanse brings together perhaps our most favorite season of the show so far.  And contains maybe the best spacecraft battle ever put to film.  We are left hanging off a cliff at the end of the epic hour of television and we can’t help but be salivating for more from the Amazon Prime Video space opera.

Also WandaVision is incredible.  If you pay attention to the internet you know why and you likely have theories yourself about how it will all wrap up.  At least some of us will be wrong.

I honestly can’t recall what trivia was about this episode.  It was hopefully impossible but educational.

Be A Hero. Wear a Mask.

Episode One Six Two: Wanda Maximoff Levels Up

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