One Four Five: The Brothers Geek Watch The Dark Knight

Episode One Four Five: The Brothers Geek Watch The Dark Knight

Recorded 8/13/2020

We continue our watch along commentary of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.  It’s safe to say, we love these movies.  We make a strong argument that

TDK is the best super-hero movie ever.   We dive deep into the movie’s trivia. We turn a critical eye to the larger themes of human choice, consequence and compromise the film illustrates. Chris explains game theory, Andrew theorizes about a democracy’s

reaction to terrorism, and Patrick opines on the ramifications of a surveillance state.  Legit, all of this is covered… as we watch a movie about a grown man dressed as a bat who fights a grown man in clown makeup. 

If you haven’t watched this film recently, now is the perfect time for a revisit of this modern masterpiece.

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