One One Nine: The Steaming Pile Awards

One One Nine: The Steaming Pile Awards

Recorded 9/23/2019

After some time in the literal wilderness, your boys are back!  We all have seen Brad Pitt’s space drama Ad Astra.  Its reach exceeds its grasp, unfortunately.  Legendary Listener Shawn purposes a new award based on his reaction to this film.  We don’t go as far as to give it out this episode.  We each complete Amazon Prime Video’s Carnival Row. The world building is top notch. The series gives up surprisingly romantic moments from unexpected places.  We are excited it has been renewed for another season.  We each are playing video games again. Chris goes shoulders deep in a Monster Hunter World Expansion.  Andrew shoots aliens again in Destiny 2 and Patrick is underwhelmed by Borderlands 3.

Andrew gives a live reading a particularly moving passage from The Subtle Knife.  We all commit to reading through Chapter 9 by next episode.

Trivia is Star Wars themed and comes with a story.B.C

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