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One One Five:Lyra’s a Liar (nailed it)

Episode One One Five: Lyra’s a Liar (nailed it)

Recorded 7/21/19

This episode is a doozey.  We recap and breakdown and hash out and extrapolate on the most interesting movie and streaming video info to come out of San Diego Comic Con this year.  Find the links below for each of the trailers and previews we discussed.

Marvel Studios announced is Phase 4 projects. You could guess we are excited and you’d be correct.

We recap chapters 10-14 of The Golden Compass.  We continue to marvel at Pullman’s themes and complexity.  We discuss his unique hero, Lyra Belaqua.  We plan to finish the novel in the next episode.

Trivia is Apollo 11 themed to honor the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.


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One One Four: Stranger Things Season Three One Shot

Episode One One Four: Stranger Things Season Three One Shot

Recorded 7/7/2019

This episode your BrothersGeek bring you a One Shot in which we deep dive into the third season of Stranger Things.   We dissect the ongoing mysteries of the series.  We ponder how the artists who create the show manage to find the near perfect balance of tone and genre.  We appreciate the smart, driven female characters and understand the silly, clueless male characters.  Our discussion roams to Chris and the memories the show evokes in him and to the nostalgia Patrick and Andrew feel with each passing pop culture reference.  Our discussion dovetails into an examination of the “binge-watching” art form and we agree Stranger Things 3 might be the best example of it.

Stranger Things theme Remix by C418

There is no trivia this week as Andrew is a failure.

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