Nineteen: Smooth Intros are our MacGuffin


We never have a smooth intro…. or outro….. or show in general.


We track the story of the leak, retraction, and eventual release of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer.
We dissect it.  We geek out.  We report of fan theories.  We are at the height of our powers.


“Agents of SHIELD” continues to impress.  We feel Joss’s fingerprints on the latest episodes.  Adrianne Palicki is a very not ugly woman.

“The Flash” is fun and silly and “super hero-y”  We delve into his Rogue’s Gallery.


the “Heroes of Olympus” series is read by Andrew.  He gets goofed on.  His love of Greek Mythology adds to his experience of this children’s book.

Christopher finishes “The Promise of Blood”.  The ending is fantastic and second book will be read very soon.

Patrick continues with “Dune”.  He reaches the point in the book where the film he is most familiar veers away from the text.  It’s jarring.  Chris hates the movie.


“Destiny” and more “Destiny”.  Andrew reports on his character level-ling status.  Christopher and Patrick are impressed how committed Andrew is to the game.  Patrick gives details of his latest assault on the Vault of Glass.

the Boys are challenged to name the single highest selling single issue comic book ever.  The answer is surprising.

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