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Episode One Two One: Late Night Alien Abduction Stories

Episode One Two One: Late Night Alien Abduction Stories

Recorded 11/20/2019

Miss us?  After a long hiatus due to life, work and alien invasions. We return to form.  We discuss the “pluses and minuses” of Disney+.  The new streaming service leaves us swimming in nostalgia and hopeful for the future of Star Wars.  We catch up on His Dark Materials on HBO and sell Patrick on Watchmen.  Andrew and Chris love the next level sports movie Ford vs Ferrari. We are all back gaming.  Chris hunts Monsters, Patrick explores the Borderlands and Andrew shoots aliens in the Haunted Forests of Mercury.  We charge hard into the holiday season and start making plans!

Trivia is Disney+ themed and Patrick is victorious!


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Ninety Three: Weather Reports

Episode Ninety-Three:  Weather Reports

Recorded 6/3/2018

This episode brings the heat.  After a long, detailed discussion about the weather we dive deep the hottest topics since our last episode.   We talk Deadpool 2 and fresh air.  We discuss Solo A Star Wars Story and the idiotic (in our opinion) narrative about it being a “failure”.  The Brothers actually get heated at each other but with good reason.  We talk hot games, Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter World.  We give praise to Jeff Bezos for saving one of our favorite television shows, The Expanse.  Chris and Patrick discuss, briefly, the mad genius of Legion. A full season recap is in the forecast.

Trivia is Deadpool 2 themed.  Thank you to friend of the Podcast, Betsy, for the idea.


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Eighty Six: Monsters Attack!

Episode Eighty-Six:  Monsters Attack!

Recorded 1/23/2017

Two new episodes in one month!  Can you believe it?  Our resolution is holding strong!

As the title suggests we spend an inordinate amount of this episode talking about monsters.  Monsters in gaming, monsters on television and in the movies, and monsters that appear in print.  We dissect the recent Oscar nominations, what they missed, what makes no sense, and what they got exactly correct. Chris and Patrick make the commitment to stream Monster Hunter World in the coming weeks. Watch BrothersGeekPlayed on Twitch for all the tier 1 level game play.  The Magicians have returned on Syfy Channel and Andrew is loving it.  We announce some upcoming release dates and shamelessly plug a Netflix series Patrick worked on last year.

Watch “Everything Sucks” on Netflix beginning February 16th 2018!

Trivia is Oscar Nomination themed and it’s quite surprising.

Be. Curious.

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