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Thirty Five: Our War Party Soundtrack is Taylor Swift’s Early Work


recorded May 31st, 2015

Discussion: Chris and Andrew attend Phoenix Comicon. Chris reports on an impressive panelist.  We both sing the praises of the convention authority for solving logistical traffic issues.  They learned from last year’s disaster.

Seen: All have seen “Mad Max: Fury Road” at least once.  It amazes on multiple levels.  The film is a prime example of the writer’s maxim, “show don’t tell.”  The “Flash” finale is sublime.  The “Arrow” finale disappoints.  We agree the “Ras Al Ghul” storyline was a poor choice this season.
Read: “Rat Queens Volume 1” and “Thor” comics are entertaining, both Chris and Andrew are enjoying female centric comic books right now.  Patrick fails once again to finish “Batman: Eternal”.  Appropriate levels of shit are given.
Played:  Andrew and Christopher play the “Destiny House of Wolves” expansion. It’s the best expansion so far.  Prison of Elders is the endgame experience the Brothers Geek Fireteam has been waiting for. Chris loves “The Witcher 3” so so much.  He has barely scratched the surface of all the content.  Patrick recommends “Marvel: Future Fight” for mobile gaming.


“Game of Thrones” themed:  Name the seven aspects of the one God of the Faith of the Seven?

Both Brothers Win!

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Twenty Nine: We are Getting in Line for Hall H Right Now!


Episode Twenty Nine: We are getting in line for Hall H basically right now.

recorded February 22nd 2015


We detail the baroque badge purchase lottery process.

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman photo tweeted by Zak Snyder. We dive deep in Aquaman lore.


Christopher watches “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. It kinda works, he kinda likes it. The movie is kinda like Bond but not really, kinda.

“Supernatural” continues to rule.

Andrew loves Black Sails. It is showing great depth in Season 2. The tension is fantastic.

Patrick is current with “The Flash”. It’s basically his favorite show. It’s speeding along very nicely.


Christopher continues “the Dresden Files”

Patrick listens to “A Dance with Dragons” on Audible. He adjusts his settings to have it read to him faster. So he doesn’t die first.

Andrew is current with “Invincible”, “Batman: Eternal”


Chris is leveling a new character in “Destiny”, a warlock. He has a new playing style to learn.

Andrew has reached Level 31 with his Titan. He is almost ready to rank up with Eris Morn and hopes to obtain the Legendary Auto Rifle “Eidilon’s Ally” soon. WE STILL NEED TO RUN THE RAIDS.

Patrick is too busy to game.


How many “Dudes'” and “Fucks” are spoken in “The Big Lebowski”. Neither of the boys are even close.

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