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One Three Zero: Hot Incestuous Romulan Spy Woman Vs Ninja Warrior Romulan Nun Boy

One Three Zero: Hot Incestuous Romulan Spy Woman Vs Ninja Warrior Romulan Nun Boy

Recorded March 8th 2020

This week we discuss episode seven of Star Trek Picard “Nepenthe”.  We spend the entire episode feeling the warmth of the welcoming embrace of Riker and Troi.  Picard seeks refuge with his old friends, his “strong right arm” and his “guide and conscience”.  Patrick finally seems to be coming around to the story Picard is telling and Andrew dispels an unsettling memory of Marina Sirtis.  And there is sword fights and a wild girl of the woods.  This episode is packed. 

Trivia is Riker and Troi’s wedding themed.  And is hard as heck.

Boldly Go.  

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One Two Nine: The Double Issue One Shot

One Two Nine: The Double Issue One Shot

Recorded 3/1/2020

We love our metaphors here at the BrothersGeek and this episode proves that point.  We talk two Star Trek Picard episodes this time around.  We discuss the highs and lows, the silliness and the darkness, the gruesome and the actually murderous.  Patrick continues to struggle with his expectations with what a Star Trek series should be.  We all agree that these episodes struggle with tone but one bright spot shines out.  Johnathon Del Arco’s Hugh gives us hope that Star Trek Picard will find its way back to into the light.

A special discussion caps this episode as we talk briefly about the next era of Star Wars called The High Republic.

Trivia is too easy.  Expect Andrew to make it impossible next episode.

Boldly Go.

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One Two Eight: Space Battles and Digressions

One Two Eight: Space Battles and Digressions     

Recorded February 16th, 2020

If you know the Brothers Geek, you know we tell the truth, and this week is no different.  We discuss the latest episode of Star Trek: Picard, in which we meet a sect of Romulan warrior nuns who also only tell the truth. And if that isn’t enough, they are also the best hand to hand fighters in the galaxy.  The Brothers briefly digress from our One-Shot topic to discuss the new Batman camera test posted online, so it’s allowed.

Trivia is Seven of Nine themed and Patrick wins again

Boldly Go.

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One Two Seven: And He Will Be Called J.L.

Episode One Two Seven:  And He Will Be Called J.L.

Recorded 2/9/2020

Week three of our Star Trek: Picard One Shots.  We meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.  The mystery deepens, the Motley Crew is assembled and there is a fight scene!  We discuss expectations vs reality, we delve deeply into what Starfleet as a metaphor for humanity really means of us, and we hear Jean Luc Picard give the order to “Engage”.  It feels oh so good.

Trivia is Borg drone themed and Patrick wins the day!

Boldly Go.  

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One Two Six: Plot Threads A-F

One Two Six: Plot Threads A-F
Recorded 2/7
Just as Star Trek Picard kicks off at least 5 plot threads in its most recent episode, our weekly One Shot feels a bit tangential as well.  Rather than simply recapping each episode of the series, we endeavor to explore themes, favorite moments, and give context to what we are watching together.  Watch and listen along with us. Episode 2 of Season 1 of Picard strikes the match on multiple fuses.  Will they all lead to the same explosive device?  Let’s find out.
Trivia this week is United Federation of Planets themed.  The boys get ultra close.
Boldly Go.  

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One Two Five: Star Trek Picard One Shot

Episode One Two Five: It’s Captain Picard Day!

Recorded 1/26/2020

We have entered a new year, a new era, a NEXT GENERATION even!  We have begun our weekly series of episodes recapping and commenting on season 1 of Star Trek: Picard streaming on CBS All access.  Our Trek nostalgia is strong as we dive deep into one of our longest lasting fandoms.  We dissect and admire and engage intensely with Patrick Stewart’s return to his most enduring character.  As Christopher so affectionately states, we attend the Church of Trek this Sunday morning.  Come along, gather with us as a community, to celebrate the hope and humanity of Trek.

Get ready for our next episode in Seven(ish) days!  

Boldly go… 

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One Two Four: Pain and Science, Our Favorites of 2019

Episode One Two Four: Pain and Science, Our Favorites of 2019

Recorded 1/12/2020

Happy New Year!  Every time I say that I see the face of Bill Murray saying that in his distinctive way to the Big Bad Ghost in Ghostbusters 2.  Anyways, it is a new year, but we look back in this episode and we give you our favorites of 2019.  These aren’t necessarily things published, premiered, or debuted in 2019, but things we experienced in 2019.  We agree on some (shockingly), we disagree on others (inevitably) and remind each other of stellar things we may have forgotten.

Trivia is 2019 themed and dominated by the Walt Disney Company.  

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One Two Three:The Rise of Skywalker One Shot

Image result for rise of skywalker

Episode One Two Three: The Rise of Skywalker One Shot

Recorded 12/21/2019

Our final new episode of 2019 and bring you our discussion on the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga.  We argue and we laugh and argue some more and one of us gets furious. We record live and in person at Andrew’s apartment and we look deep into each other’s eyes. Also (no shocker here that) Chris ends up syndrome-ing.  Our discussion is full of spoilers so be warned.

We will be back in the new year with our 2019 “Best Of” Episode.  We agree that a true “Best Of” episode needs to be recorded after the year has concluded.

Trivia is Skywalker Saga themed and is met with surprise.

H.S.F. (now and always)

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One Two Two:Best Laid Plans…

Episode One Two Two: Best Laid Plans…

Recorded 12/9/2019

Families plan for the holiday season and we are no different.  We discuss our Episode IX plans. Our pre-viewing plans and our premier night plans.  SO MANY PLANS!  Our mother would be so proud of us, thinking of things ahead of time.  Patrick has caught up on Watchmen and he has learned just how good the HBO show is.  We review recent trailer drops: MulanWonder Woman84No Time to Die and Black Widow.  We are all current on The Mandalorian and as fun as it has been, we want it to actually get somewhere fast. 

Trivia is The Expanse themed and people fail.


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Episode One Two One: Late Night Alien Abduction Stories

Episode One Two One: Late Night Alien Abduction Stories

Recorded 11/20/2019

Miss us?  After a long hiatus due to life, work and alien invasions. We return to form.  We discuss the “pluses and minuses” of Disney+.  The new streaming service leaves us swimming in nostalgia and hopeful for the future of Star Wars.  We catch up on His Dark Materials on HBO and sell Patrick on Watchmen.  Andrew and Chris love the next level sports movie Ford vs Ferrari. We are all back gaming.  Chris hunts Monsters, Patrick explores the Borderlands and Andrew shoots aliens in the Haunted Forests of Mercury.  We charge hard into the holiday season and start making plans!

Trivia is Disney+ themed and Patrick is victorious!


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