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One Six Six: We Escaped The Matrix!

Episode One Six Six- We Escaped The Matrix!

Recorded 10/10/2021

We won’t ask if you missed us, because we know you did. Life intervened in a big way for all three of your BrothersGeek.  But now we return and the last quarter of the year should be filled with all the geeky content you can handle. 

We learn something quite unique this episode.  It seems our eldest brother, Christopher, a long-avowed Halloween detractor finds himself enthusiastically engaged with certain aspects of the spookiest of holidays.  Two of the brothers have a heady (spoiler free) discussion about Squid Games.   Two other brothers discuss their reaction to “The Empire Strikes Back” season of feel-good favorite Ted Lasso. Christopher sells the other two on the moody horror series Midnight Mass.  And our long-suffering excitement for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has reached it’s crescendo.

Trivia is Dune (novel) themed and impossible.

Get vaccinated and save the world.

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