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One Six Five: Muddled is a Keyword

Episode One Six Five: Muddled is a Keyword

Recorded 4/25/2021

Truthfully, we recorded this episode so long ago and I did an abysmal job taking notes that I have few specifics to recap in these show notes.  You’d think after 164 episodes of a podcast, I would be better at remembering what we talked about, but alas, here we are. 

I recall we talked about The Falcon and the Winter Solider finale.  Christopher’s reaction was “muddled”.  Hence our episode’s title.  He had a muddled reaction to other things as well.  It became an episode theme but I can’t recall what else he reacted in a muddled way to.

Listen and find out!

Trivia had a theme and I don’t recall what it was or if anyone was successful.

Be a Hero, Get the Vaccine.

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