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Episode One Five Five: To The Empire!

Episode One Five Five: To The Empire!

Recorded 12/13/2020

We, your humble BrothersGeek, don’t just react and recap The Mandalorian season two episode titled “The Believer.”  We give our hottest takes on the enormous content announcement from Disney Investors Day.  We finally are getting promised MCU Disney+ content long delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Patrick feels pangs of excitement for a Willow series and Chris has high hopes for Patty Jenkins’ promised Star Wars Rogue Squadron feature film.

Episode 7 of The Mandalorian features the highlights of a stellar action sequence and Pedro Pascal’s handsome face.  We share our predictions for the season 2 finale.

Trivia is Rogue Squadron video game themed and leads to a deep dive into our favorite Star Wars starfighters.

Wear a mask, be a hero.

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Episode One Five Four: Boba Fett? Boba Fett?! Where?!

Episode One Five Four: Boba Fett? Boba Fett?!  Where?!

Recorded December 6th, 2020

We, your BrothersGeek, recap and react to Season 2 episode 6 of The Mandalorian, creatively entitled “The Tragedy”.  A long-awaited arrival does not disappoint in this episode.  Christopher has been waiting nearly all his life to see Boba Fett truly kick ass and finally we see it.  Despite the huge arrival, despite the intense action and despite game changing moments, the episode feels slightly hollow.

Trivia is Boba Fett themed and the boys just miss.

Be a Hero, Wear a Mask.  

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Episode One Five Three: Two Lightsabers Are Better Than One?

Episode One Five Three: Two Lightsabers Are Better Than One?

Recorded 11/29/2020

We experience minor technical difficulties this time around. But there is always struggles to be overcome with any great endeavor.

This week your faithful podcast hosts recap and react to all the details and lore regarding episode 5 of season 2 of The Mandalorian, titled (somewhat ironically as) “The Jedi”. We examine the stylistic influences of samurai cinema on this episode. We dive deep in the most obscure revelations of the story and we discuss just how cute Baby Yoda’s actual name is. After episode 4 being agreed upon as perhaps the worst episode of the entire series, we reach consensus that episode 5 might just be the best.

Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are definitely our new Jedi Masters.

Trivia is Star Wars Legends themed and the boys just can’t get there.

Be a Hero, Wear a Mask

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