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One Four Five: The Brothers Geek Watch The Dark Knight

Episode One Four Five: The Brothers Geek Watch The Dark Knight

Recorded 8/13/2020

We continue our watch along commentary of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.  It’s safe to say, we love these movies.  We make a strong argument that

TDK is the best super-hero movie ever.   We dive deep into the movie’s trivia. We turn a critical eye to the larger themes of human choice, consequence and compromise the film illustrates. Chris explains game theory, Andrew theorizes about a democracy’s

reaction to terrorism, and Patrick opines on the ramifications of a surveillance state.  Legit, all of this is covered… as we watch a movie about a grown man dressed as a bat who fights a grown man in clown makeup. 

If you haven’t watched this film recently, now is the perfect time for a revisit of this modern masterpiece.

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Episode One Four Four: Andrew Gets Triggered.

Episode One Four Four: Andrew Gets Triggered.

Recorded 8/2/2020

We explore Einstein’s Theories in this episode.  Andrew fails to correctly explain General Relativity more than once.  Chris has read multiple books on the subject and is happy to provide recommendations.  We have a long, winding, in depth and comprehensive discussion on the Arthurian legends, jump started by our mutual “meh”ness surrounding the Netflix series Cursed.  We report and editorialize on the upcoming release of Halo Infinite for the Xbox Series X.  This triggers a discussion on our shared need to likely update our entertainment equipment across the board.

Trivia is Halo franchised themed. And the Boys just miss the target.

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