One Four One: Beware the Schmaltz Gom Jabbar

One Four One: Beware the Schmaltz Gom Jabbar

Recorded June 28th 2020

It’s been a while.  How are you? We hope you are well.  The Brothers have been busy, even in a pandemic, life goes on.  Chris has been a Super Dad to his adult daughters.  Wedding planning and helping with moving and kicking major ass.  Andrew has been a very good uncle.  And Patrick has been useless.  We kid but it’s kind of true.   We talk movies and more movies and then we talk tv shows.  Patrick made a Red Box run with mixed results.  Chris is sucked into mediocre television and can’t escape.  Andrew re-watched maybe the greatest genre tv show off all time and it’s better the second time.  Chris and Patrick plan to play a new video game and might just convince Andrew to join in.

Trivia is Dune themed and is impossible.

Be a Hero, Wear a Mask

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