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One Three Six:The Greatness of Gloomhaven

One Three Six: The Greatness of Gloomhaven

Recorded April 19, 2020

This episode sees the return of Legendary Listener, Friend of the Podcast and Brother by Law Shawn! We talk quarantine binge-watching. Shawn has been undertaking a re-watch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a very specific order and it has brought him a new appreciation of the films. He lets us know exactly how he feels about our series of Picard One Shots.  Chris is reading the new Neal Stephenson tome and it appeals to his brain on multiple levels.  Andrew completed the single day Lord of The Rings Extended Edition watch and it felt like new.  The shining climax of this episode is a deep dive into phenomena of Gloomhaven in Christopher and Shawn’s lives.  Patrick and Andrew ask questions, Shawn and Chris have answers and there may be two new converts.

Shawn saves the day with a wonderful table top gaming trivia question because Andrew completely drops the ball.

Stay Safe, Nerds

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One Three Five: It’s Science, Bro

One Three Five:  It’s Science, Bro

Recorded April 11th 2020

This weekly episode thing is becoming quite the habit for us.  It’s an added benefit to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have nowhere else to be on Sunday mornings and talking to each other actually makes us feel good.  This week, we are once again, all over the Geek fandom map.   We discuss our favorite dystopian movies.  We attempt to clarify the dystopic vs post-apocalyptic film genres. Chris and Andrew try to sell Patrick on the strengths of Westworld season 3.  We all agree season 2 was a struggle bus that isn’t worth re-watching.  We talk WarzoneSkyrim and Dungeons and Dragons.  Andrew is nearly convinced to let Patrick and Chris guide him through a D&D campaign.  Andrew is re-watching Daredevil on Netflix and finds it’s early MCU charms quite endearing.  Christopher describes his ongoing Gloomhaven adventures with Legendary Listener Shawn.  They play via phone and their sessions can last hours.  It is table top gaming at its most intricate and satisfying.

Trivia is post-apocalyptic film themed and The Boys argue about it.

Stay Safe. 

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One Three Four:The Potpourri Episode

Episode One Three Four: The Potpourri Episode

Recorded April 5th 2020

After spending 9 weeks talking about one topic (mostly), we go appropriately wild this time around.  We talk sheltering in place and hygiene.  Andrew admits just how smelly he can get after a day of nervous sweating and no deodorant. We may never get haircuts again.  We do spend quite a bit of time talking geeky things as well.  We all have played large amounts of Call of Duty Warzone in the past 2 weeks.  Chris is playing a long-distance campaign of the table top game Gloomhaven with Legendary Listener Shawn.  Patrick has crossed the Rubicon and is a full-fledged Dungeon Master.  And we learn just how terrifying a gelatinous cube can be.Trivia is Warzone themed and Chris nails it    

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One Three Three:The Sh*t Sandwich Manifesto

Episode One Three Three: The Sh*t Sandwich Manifesto

Recorded March 29th 2020

Here it is.  The final episode in our series of Star Trek Picard One Shots.  Be warned, this One Shot gets loud.  We all feel strongly about this episode and about season one of Star Trek Picard in general.  Our strong feelings come from one place. We love Star Trek.  We discuss season one’s successes and failures and we hope for much better from season two.  We hope you have enjoyed our series of One Shots, our regular episode format will likely return next week.  Or not, who knows, life is full of mystery and we like to be unpredictable.

Trivia is USS Enterprise themed and is impossible.

Boldly Go.  

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