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One Two Five: Star Trek Picard One Shot

Episode One Two Five: It’s Captain Picard Day!

Recorded 1/26/2020

We have entered a new year, a new era, a NEXT GENERATION even!  We have begun our weekly series of episodes recapping and commenting on season 1 of Star Trek: Picard streaming on CBS All access.  Our Trek nostalgia is strong as we dive deep into one of our longest lasting fandoms.  We dissect and admire and engage intensely with Patrick Stewart’s return to his most enduring character.  As Christopher so affectionately states, we attend the Church of Trek this Sunday morning.  Come along, gather with us as a community, to celebrate the hope and humanity of Trek.

Get ready for our next episode in Seven(ish) days!  

Boldly go… 

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One Two Four: Pain and Science, Our Favorites of 2019

Episode One Two Four: Pain and Science, Our Favorites of 2019

Recorded 1/12/2020

Happy New Year!  Every time I say that I see the face of Bill Murray saying that in his distinctive way to the Big Bad Ghost in Ghostbusters 2.  Anyways, it is a new year, but we look back in this episode and we give you our favorites of 2019.  These aren’t necessarily things published, premiered, or debuted in 2019, but things we experienced in 2019.  We agree on some (shockingly), we disagree on others (inevitably) and remind each other of stellar things we may have forgotten.

Trivia is 2019 themed and dominated by the Walt Disney Company.  

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One Two Three:The Rise of Skywalker One Shot

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Episode One Two Three: The Rise of Skywalker One Shot

Recorded 12/21/2019

Our final new episode of 2019 and bring you our discussion on the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga.  We argue and we laugh and argue some more and one of us gets furious. We record live and in person at Andrew’s apartment and we look deep into each other’s eyes. Also (no shocker here that) Chris ends up syndrome-ing.  Our discussion is full of spoilers so be warned.

We will be back in the new year with our 2019 “Best Of” Episode.  We agree that a true “Best Of” episode needs to be recorded after the year has concluded.

Trivia is Skywalker Saga themed and is met with surprise.

H.S.F. (now and always)

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