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Episode One One Three: Geekbleed ®

Episode One One Three: Geekbleed ®

Recorded June 25th, 2019

This episode your BrothersGeek trademark a brand-new phrase and it is magnificent.  Andrew sells Chris and Patrick on the Deadwood movie that dropped on HBO recently.  Patrick and Chris sell Andrew on Toy Story 4.  We do a deep dive into Soviet Russia power structures of the mid 1980s after Patrick watches three episodes of Chernobyl.  Luckily, Christopher is something of an expert on the subject.  Christopher and Andrew play lots of Harry Potter Wizards Unite from Niantic games.  It is a surprisingly robust game for an initial A.R. release.  The boys continue with Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass.  The book only get more tense and more dense the deeper the boys get into it.

Next episode will be a Stranger Things One Shot as each brother has plans to binge watch when season 3 drops on July 4rd.

Trivia is His Dark Materials themed and Chris goes it alone. 


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Episode One One Two: The BGBC is GO!

Episode One One Two: The BGBC is GO!

Recorded June 11th 2019

We, your Brothers Geek, bring a regular sized episode this time around.  We talk about anything and everything we want to. We recap what is hyping us up from E3.  Andrew and Christopher are particularly excited for Halo: Infinite and the new Xbox rig that is coming in the near future.  The Boys agree that the purchase of a Switch may finally be in the offing for one or all of us.  Chris and Patrick have seen Dark Phoenix and both agree it isn’t nearly as bad as people are making it out to be.  Andrew will see it just hasn’t yet.  We talk at length and in depth about Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass.  We recap and remark regarding just how complex and deep the world Pullman is building across just the first five chapters.  We agree to read through the end of Part 1: “Oxford” before our next episode.

Trivia is ruined in our X-men discussion but it’s ok.


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One One One: WickZilla!

Episode One One One: WickZilla!

Recorded 6/2/2019

This episode we discuss two unstoppable forces of nature, John Wick and Godzilla.  Each had a new film drop and your BrothersGeek have seen them both!  We talk about what we like, we talk about what could have been done better with each film.  We hope for greater things in the future from both of them.

Also, we tease our first ever BrothersGeek Book Club.  We are reading Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass.  Read along with us!  Chapters 1-5 by Father’s Day!

Trivia is John Wick themed and Patrick is successful!

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