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Fifty Three: Batman V Superman One Shot

Recorded 4-5-2016
Wow, much like the molten core of Krypton exploding in “Man of Steel”, our discussion gets heated!  We argue and argue and argue but lovingly, as brothers do.  We discuss the good and the bad and tragically under utilized in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.   Superman is conflicted, Batman is angry, Lex Luthor is a maniac and Wonder Woman finally appears on film and oh man are we happy about it.
The Trinity is assembled! (just a little too briefly)

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Fifty Two: Daredevil Season 2 One Shot


Episode Fifty Two:  Daredevil Season 2 One Shot

Recorded 3-28-2016

SPOILERS ABOUND!  We discuss the entire season.  All the deaths, all the fights, all the cliffhangers, all the brutality, all the genuinely badass moments of Marvel’s darkest Netflix series.  We binged watched the season because of course we did.  Matt Murdoch will beat you senseless but still feels you are worthy of redemption.  He is complicated.  Actually all the characters are layered, fully realized people.  Amazing for a “comic book show” right?  This is comic book television for grown ups.

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