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Twenty Seven: Pustules are Abundant

Recorded January 28th, 2015
We are joined by Special Guest Brother-in-Law Geek Shawn Bratton
Marvel News abounds!
We discuss and dissect the “Fantastic Four” trailer and argue, heatedly, about the Marvel Comics cross-over event “Secret Wars”
Shawn brings it strong with “Battestar Galactica” re-watch.
Christopher honestly raves about “Helix” and “12 Monkeys”
Andrew syndromes about “Black Sails” Season 2 premiere
Patrick can only see the sexism in “Agent Carter” after last episode’s discussion.
Chris and Patrick love “The Martian”.  Seriously, it gets uncomfortable for a minute.
Shawn talks about the only comic he is reading “Thor” and recommends “The Foundation Series” by Asimov.
Andrew has fallen deep into “Dune”.
Patrick continues his table top streak with “Pandemic”
Shawn gets great value for his money with “Clash of Clans”
Christopher plays lots of things.  “WoW”, “Diablo” “Destiny” and “The Banner Saga”  He needs to sleep more.
Andrew plays “Destiny”.  All praise him for transforming into a damn Gamer already.
Two “Star Trek” films, “The Wrath of Khan” and “First Contact”, quote a Great American Novel.  Name the novel and author.  Turns out this is actually pretty easy.

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Twenty Six: 2015 is going to suck!

Happy Birthday to Christopher’s daughter, Kristin, who turned 15 the day before we recorded this episode!

Happy Birthday to Daniel’s daughter, Katelynn, who turned 13 the day of this episode!

Kristin received a “Supernatural” Con ticket from her parents for her birthday.  She cried tears of joy.
We discuss the “Con culture” of Gold level passes for Supernatural Con.

We discuss the casting of Scarlett Johansson as the lead in “Ghost in the Shell”  also we examine the lack of box office hits in the recent Oscar Nominations.


All discuss “Agent Carter”  We all enjoy it to varying degrees.  Chris and Andrew are troubled by the heavy-handedness of the some of the show’s themes.  Hayley Atwell is a delight.
Christopher watches the premieres of “Helix” and “12 Monkeys” on SyFy.  “Helix” is particularly strong.
Andrew watches “Galavant” really because nothing is on on Sunday nights anymore.

Read:Andrew is caught up on “Batman:Eternal”.  All applaud his diligence.  The series has resumed its narrative momentum. Patrick finishes “The Fellowship of the Ring”.  He loves the world of “Middle Earth”Chris reads Book two of the “Powder Mage” trilogy.  Also he is current with “Iron Fist” story is strong.  He is not impressed with the art style.

Played:Christopher has discovered “Banner Saga” for his tablet.  He is very absorbed.Andrew gets a very rare weapon drop in “Destiny”.  It requires copious grinding to upgrade.  Patrick had it drop once before he didn’t know what it was and dismantled it.  He is ashamed of himself. Patrick describes a table top game “Betrayal at House on the Hill”  It’s intricate and rewarding.

Trivia:  How many total minutes for all 6 films in the original and prequel “Star Wars” trilogies?  Someone gets it right!

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2015: The Year of Supreme Geekery?


We here at Brothers Geek obviously embrace our geekiness (it’s in the name, for frakking sake), but just what does “geek” or “geekery” mean to us? And why do I say that 2015 might be or should be the year of supreme geekery?Brothers Geek started with a simple premise – brothers, with shared strong interests, gathering to talk about the things that we like to talk about, marvel at, argue about, and express our heartfelt joy in each other and these worlds that we like to inhabit. Sometimes, ad nauseum…. (Yes, Andrew, I’m Syndroming.)

Therein lies the essence of “geek” for me – that shared joy, and deep exploration of common interests in things that weren’t necessarily “mainstream” culture (this, of course, is changing
dramatically. Things that were “geek” just 10 years ago, almost everyone embraces.) But, just
because you might use a piece of tech (smartphone or computer) or really enjoy something
(Avengers, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy), doesn’t mean you are a geek.
Geeks take deep dives into those things we love.

We are not content to see the movie 3 times, we must read all the comics the characters are based on, read all the books, and encyclopedias, and fan fiction.  We watch Japanese anime (by definition geeky), and learn about the tech of a sci fi world, magic systems governing the fantasy world, figure out the nuances of game design that speak to us, and generally we freak when a new Star Wars movie is announced and gets closer to release. Insert your interest here…
2015 can be the year of supreme geekery for us and you, because it is the opportunity to fully embrace those things that make our spirit move, engage our mind and emotions to extremes, and truly live by finding something we want to be geeky about. We’ll be along for the ride with you (or maybe not, if your stuff is too weird even for us) and hopefully, you with us.

And remember, Han shot first.

– Chris


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Twenty Five: Loot Drops and the Font of Useless Knowledge


New Year, same Goof Balls.
We discuss New Year’s Resolutions, goals for the next 365 days and the arbitrary-ness of the human year.
Andrew gets caught up in a “Harry Potter” marathon on cable.  He is powerless against it.  Chris and Andrew discuss “The Imitation Game”.  It’s entertaining high art.  All the boys talk the most recent “Hobbit” film and the trilogy as a whole.  We are all disappointed.  Patrick finishes “The Legend of Korra” and finds its surprise ending a little too surprising.
Andrew is current with “Thor”.  The story is great and art is flawless.  Chris approves as well.  Christopher continues to put us all to shame by being current on “Batman: Eternal”.  Patrick is 10 hours into listening to “The Fellowship of the Ring” on Audible.  he has 3,984 hours left. (That’s an exaggeration, but not by much).
Christopher is sucked into Garrison Management in the “World of Warcraft”.  It’s fun but time consuming.
All discuss “Destiny”  Andrew has gotten lucky with three Legendary drops in 10 days.  It has renewed his affection for the game.
Patrick and Chris both received table top games for Christmas.  They are excited to dive in.
The boys are challenged to guess the World Record completion of Crota’s End raid in “Destiny”  The correct answer is astonishing.

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