Twenty One: Hiatus Over – not as long as the wait for “Sherlock”

Twenty-One: Hiatus Over – not as long as the wait for “Sherlock”

We delve into all things Star Wars Episode 7.  We debate the announced title “The Force Awakens”.  We discuss the roll-out of the teaser trailer.  Find a theater near you and run on 11-28.  Run!

“Interstellar” is majestic, human and an homage to space films of the past.  Nolan reaches for big ideas, doesn’t always succeed but comes damn close.

“Mockingjay:Part 1” feels like half a movie.  Liam Hemsworth is given something to do and he does it well and Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest star in the world for a reason.

Christopher downloads “Black Panther #1-5” on Comixology app (unpaid plug alert!).
Patrick and Andrew both are reading “Dune”  It’s incredible, no doubt it is “Science Fiction’s Supreme Masterpiece”.  David Lynch got almost everything wrong with his horrible movie.

Christopher discusses the World of Warcraft expansion roll-out issues, new content and game play.  The concept of the Expansion is a little odd but playing the familiar area in a new way is very cool.

Patrick and Andrew play lots of “Destiny”  Andrew is now eligible to run the Vault of Glass raid.  Patrick details how difficult it is.  The Brothers Geek Fire team will attempt it soon.

in 1998, What films did the “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” teaser trailer premiere with? All experienced an uptick in ticket sales.

Supplemental trivia by Christopher,
In the novel “the Lord of the Rings” hobbits Merry and Pippin experience a sudden growth spurt, what is the cause?

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