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Twenty Four: Holiday Geekery, The Brothers Geek live!

A very special episode. Patrick is in Phoenix!  We record live before an audience of family, we share nostalgic holiday memories, we recap our year in geekery, we all drink, and most importantly, Brother Daniel joins us and out geeks us in an unexpected way.


All share favorite holiday memory, classic holiday movies are discussed, nostalgic television is revisited, and Daniel and Christopher recount “King of the Mountain” on Grandpa Hanson’s farm.  They are lucky they survived.

Favorites of 2014


Andrew continues his love fest with “The Force Awakens” trailer.  His love of Star Wars has been re-awakened.  (That’s an unfortunate pun, but necessary.)
Daniel watched the “Power Rangers Mega Force” series finale with his son Joey.  Dozens of past Rangers appear and take on the forces of Evil.

Christopher loved “The Winter Solider” also “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  Both were particularly special in the MCU

Patrick will miss “The Legend of Korra”.  He is behind in episodes (the series finale is online now) but is sad to see the show go.


In just three issues Christopher is loving Walt Simonson’s “Ragnarok” comic.

Andrew’s favorite is “the Queen of the Tearling”  The boys still make fun of him thinking it’s a YA novel.  He takes it because he knows they are wrong.

Patrick sings the praises of “Dune”.  He calls it “life changing”

Daniel brings it strong, impresses with my management geekery.  He read business and management books.  He schools us and we appreciate it.


Daniel played “Skylanders” and “Mario Kart 8”.  He drives Toad, plays the original kart, equipped with the rainbow parachute.

Andrew describes hite story mission in “Destiny”.  You get to swing a big sword.  He’s happy.

Christopher raves about “Diablo III”.  It hits all the right notes.

Patrick also discusses “Destiny”, the co-op aspects are strongest for him.


How many total minutes have we recorded this year?  Christopher is right!

From all of us at the Brothers Geek, have a wonderful and safe holiday season.  We shall see you all in 2015!

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Episode Twenty three: Do the Fremen celebrate Christmas?


Our collective Man-Crush Benedict Cumberbatch will be Doctor Strange.  He’s never bad and usually extremely good in everything.  We approve.

Marvel projects on Netflix will be abundant.  Is over saturation approaching?

“Terminator:Genisys” trailer debuts.  It has a unpronounce-able name, a crusty old Arnold and Daenerys Targaryen with brown hair.  We remain skeptical.

Correction: Andrew identified the “not ugly” woman in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” as Eliza Taylor when in fact her name is Teresa Palmer.
Comic Book show Mid-season finales are discussed in detail.  Some are stronger than others, however, we remain hopeful for all.  Patrick continues his Netflix/Anime trek and reports on “Sword Art Online”. Christopher and Andrew are intrigued.

Patrick finishes “Dune”.  It’s amazing.  He will continue the series.  He has started “Storm Front” on his Audible app.
Christopher is current with “Batman: Eternal”.  It has become an act of will.
Andrew read Invincible #15. Battle Beast returns and he remains bat-sh*t.

Christopher has level capped his “main” on WoW.  He is enjoying building his garrison.  He has followers.  It’s all terribly MMO-ey.
All the Boys play “The Dark Below”, “Destiny’s” first expansion.  We are enjoying the new content.  The Quest missions are challenging.
Patrick describes the new raid, Crota’s End.  The words “insane”, “hard”, and “fun” are all used in different combinations.
Name the highest grossing “Christmas” film ever and it’s box office take.

The Boys are nowhere close.

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Twenty Two:Midichlorians Not Needed for Us to be Awake


Twenty Two: Midchlorians Not Needed for Us to be Awake

Patrick gets us off and running with a new introduction.  We still laugh at him.

We have a deeply moving Thanksgiving recap from all three of us.  We are brothers after all.

Discussion topic


“Jurassic World” trailer debuts.  It evokes the fun and wonder of the original “Jurassic Park”


Christopher and Andrew watch “The Walking Dead” mid-season finale.  Gut-wrenching death is discussed.  Patrick watched “Big Hero 6”.  Its sparked an interesting discussion of gender roles in animated films.

We all have stacks of comics to catch up on.  Christopher continues to work hard on “Batman Eternal”
Patrick and Andrew report on “Dune”.  Chris does not relent.  We must read “Lord of The Rings” also to meet his definition of “geek’


Christopher reports on WoW expansion fun.  Resource Management sounds lame but it’s a fun aspect of World of Warcraft.
Andrew is farming Upgrade Materials in “Destiny”.  As the least experienced Gamer, he finds this incredibly tedious.  Patrick has reached the level cap of 30.  Fireteam Brothers Geek still has not run the Vault of Glass.

How many daily players does “Destiny” average?   The boys both overshoot

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Twenty One: Hiatus Over – not as long as the wait for “Sherlock”

Twenty-One: Hiatus Over – not as long as the wait for “Sherlock”

We delve into all things Star Wars Episode 7.  We debate the announced title “The Force Awakens”.  We discuss the roll-out of the teaser trailer.  Find a theater near you and run on 11-28.  Run!

“Interstellar” is majestic, human and an homage to space films of the past.  Nolan reaches for big ideas, doesn’t always succeed but comes damn close.

“Mockingjay:Part 1” feels like half a movie.  Liam Hemsworth is given something to do and he does it well and Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest star in the world for a reason.

Christopher downloads “Black Panther #1-5” on Comixology app (unpaid plug alert!).
Patrick and Andrew both are reading “Dune”  It’s incredible, no doubt it is “Science Fiction’s Supreme Masterpiece”.  David Lynch got almost everything wrong with his horrible movie.

Christopher discusses the World of Warcraft expansion roll-out issues, new content and game play.  The concept of the Expansion is a little odd but playing the familiar area in a new way is very cool.

Patrick and Andrew play lots of “Destiny”  Andrew is now eligible to run the Vault of Glass raid.  Patrick details how difficult it is.  The Brothers Geek Fire team will attempt it soon.

in 1998, What films did the “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” teaser trailer premiere with? All experienced an uptick in ticket sales.

Supplemental trivia by Christopher,
In the novel “the Lord of the Rings” hobbits Merry and Pippin experience a sudden growth spurt, what is the cause?

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