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Twenty: Read Dune. You’re Welcome

Our Podcast can almost buy booze!

News:  We report on the huge Marvel Cinematic Universe media event of last week.  Upcoming five years of Marvel films were announced.  We examine, ponder, speculate, lament, geek out and beat it to death.  It’s quite amazing.


All watch “The Flash” and “Arrow”.  The most recent episode of “The Flash” has possibly some of the coolest action we have seen on TV in a long time.

Christopher binge-watches “The Blacklist”  He has a man crush on James Spader.  We agree that’s not weird at all.


Andrew reads “Dune” because all the cool kids are doing it.  He also purchases “The World of Ice and Fire”, the illustrations alone are worth the money.

Christopher starts “The Crimson Campaign” by Brian McClellan, book two of “The Powder Mage Trilogy”.

Christopher fires up “World of Warcraft” in anticipation of “The Warlords of Draenor” expansion dropping on 11-13-2014.  He has to re-learn some game mechanics.  His muscle memory is all “Destiny” and Diablo right now.
All play “Destiny”.  We comment on the differences between the Playstation and Xbox expansion packs dropping on 12-9-2014.  We continue to discover new aspects of the game.
A Song of Ice and Fire themed this week,  Name Five of the Nine Free Cities.
Challenging and obscure.  The Boys love it.

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