Seventeen: What Geek Level are You?

We are here and we are brothers, with varying degrees of Geekery.

Patrick has been working on a litmus test for Geek Levels.  We discuss this.  We try not to end our bond of fellowship in the process.


Andrew watches “Gotham”. this episode is slightly more fun.

Chris is digging the most recent “Doctor Who”  Interesting new directions for the Doctor and the Companion.

Chris and Andrew watch “Star Wars Rebels”.  A new hope is born in them both.

We all saw “Gone Girl”  We have to stop our Fincher love fest before it becomes awkward.

Christopher and Andrew read “Batman Eternal”.  They want it get on with it already.
Andrew is getting caught up on Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye”  easily one of the best monthly series out there.
Patrick gets a big stack of comics from us in the mail.  He will dive in.  He also read “Ready Player One” and poses and interesting question conceived in the novel.

All play Destiny.  We hope the drops get better.  Patrick describes a very tough raid.  The Brothers Geek Fire team needs to play more together.

Trivia: Name the two films David Fincher has been nominated for a Best Director Oscar.

Supplemental Trivia:  Chris challenges us with a Lord of the Rings character question.

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1 thought on “Seventeen: What Geek Level are You?

  1. shawn

    You want to hear the difference between level 3 Geek and level 4? I didn’t like your emphasis on hygiene and personal communications, it was pissing me off as I listened. However 29:51 into Episode 17 the lightbulb went on. At that moment you hear Patrick’s responses as Andrew starts talking about Selfie…and there you have it. That segment shows the difference between level 3 and level 4 – it is all about but what you will tolerate in your seen/read/played. Well worth a replay and fracking hilarious.

    Good show boys! Thanks.

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