Ten: Andrew Actually Plays a Game!

We discuss Marvel’s Studio’s new film “Guardians of the Galaxy”  Try to place it the Pantheon of Marvel Cinematic Universe Films.

Which is better Avengers or GoTG or C.A. The Winter Soldier?


The Leftovers is all three of our choice for most compelling show

True Blood needs a stronger villain


Chris is the only one who is current with “Batman Eternal”.  We are all committed  just slacking.

Andrew will finish “Storm Front” and continue the Dresden Files.

Patrick and Andrew are going to read “Ready Player One”  Chris thinks this is a good idea.


ANDREW PLAYED A HALO 4 SPARTAN OPS MISSION!  Discussion ensues of Halo franchise greatness.

Chris plays Forza, solves his Divinity issues with a “hack”  MK8 is still great fun

Patrick plays GTA, does crime, flies a helicopter gunship, is a mass murderer.


List all Marvel Cinematic Universe Films in order they are released.  Both Chris and Patrick get achievement.

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1 thought on “Ten: Andrew Actually Plays a Game!

  1. shawn

    Grats on 10 episodes. Great discussion on Guardians v Avengers.

    Never Again: Discuss the death benefits available from the government in Leftovers…that went on way too long and should be over in the “Lawyers and Insurance Brothers” podcast. I almost feel asleep while running.

    You might figure out your spoiler policy. Hard to listen to you talk around Leftovers spoilers for 30 minutes, but then throw something out there for True Blood.

    Halo PvP with pistols only was the best – just sayin’. Thanks for the cast, keep them coming.

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