Nine: SDCC Return Achievement Unlocked…for some

Chris and Andrew report on San Diego Comic Con International 2014
First impressions and most memorable experiences after being away for five years.
Chris and Andrew discuss Comic-Con Masquerade.
We debate the “Cult of Personality” aspects of Comic-Con.
Huge shout out to Samurai Comics from the hook up for Badges this year.
The Leftovers
Batman: Assault on Arkham watched at Comic Con by Chris and Andrew.
True Blood, Extant, The Strain
A Feast for Crows ,Storm Front
Superman Doomed #1  Chris downloads on Comixology app at Con while attending Superman comics panel at Con.  Andrew will start on Jon Romita Jr. and Geoff Johns’s run on the title.
Divinity is beloved by Christopher but tech issues persist.  He also watched  DoTA 2  tournament.  Discussion ensues on Noob Channel aspect of experience and how DoTA has a high “penetration point”
Andrew plays nothing and is lame.
Destiny Beta played by Patrick.  Patrick wants to have its babies he loves it so much.  Normal beta bugs exist but gameplay is wonderful.  Patrick is salivating to play more.
Andrew presents Hercules 12 Labors trivia question in honor of the Rock’s fun, goofy movie.  Patrick and Chris earn partial credit for nearly achieving the required 6 answers.

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1 thought on “Nine: SDCC Return Achievement Unlocked…for some

  1. shawn

    Hey guys, catching up on episodes. Having some download issues (apple podcast player app) and trouble finding the podcast (overcast app) – still can’t get episode 8 to download.

    Great rundown of SDCC – you failed to address the crappy fact that Patrick didn’t get to go! Where is the love? I expect to hear about Chris in the Masquerade next year in his Cosplay Mal costume that he committed to in an earlier episode.

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