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Six: Finales, the Good, the Bad and the Controversial


News, Star Wars Episode 8 has a new Director

Finale discussion

Seen: Dominion, Penny Dreadful, True Blood

Read. Storm Front, A feast for Crows, Hawkeye volume 1 and 2, More Alera Codex

Played. Mass Effect 3 Halo 3, More Diablo 3, more Mario Kart 8



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5: Han needs more Paragon Points



Han solo hurt on the set of Star wars

E3 Game discussion

Seen Game of Thrones Season 4 Finally

Penny Dreadful


Snow Piercer, Codex Alera, Dresden Files Stromfront

Played  Mario Kart 8, MORE DIABLO 3!

Games we talk about Destiny, Halo Master Chief collection


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