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3: Flipping pages makes good radio



New Batman V. Superman title

True Detective Season 2 news

Seen: X-men Days of future Past, Godzilla

Read: Invincible up to issue 111, Headless horseman doesn’t live up, and Bone complete edition

Played: More Batman Arkham City, More Diablo 3, More  Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon keep.

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Brothers Geek:2 The Case of the Cloth Diapers and the Night King

New Batman suit discussed Zach Snyder’s twitter to view photo

Seen: Agents of Shield season 1 finally and season 1 discussion Game of thrones

Read: Saga, volume 3 Iron Fist #1

Played: more Diablo, Metro last light, More Borderlands 2, Arkham city, more Kinetic Rivals, Cards Against Humanity. Trivia and more!


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Brothers Geek: 1 May the Fourth be with you


We share our Star Wars Memories

Seen: The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Returned, Arrow and Supernatural

Read: Free comic Book day and Batman Eternal

Played: Diablo, Kinetic Rivals, Grand theft Auto Online,  real Life bowling! Elder Sign

Star Wars trivia and more!


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