Episode One Seven Four: The San Diego Comic Con Recap episode

Episode One Seven Four: The San Diego Comic Con Recap episode

Recorded 7/24/2022

San Diego Comic Con is back!  After a pandemic imposed hiatus, the greatest of all Pop Culture weekends has returned.  And much like The Matrix, no one can be told what Comic Con is, you have to experience it for yourself.  We do our best to recap the biggest announcements and moments of the 4 days of “Geek Super Bowl”.  Find the highlights of the trailers we covered in this episode.  Try and guess which ones made us misty eyed, which ones only slightly interested us and which sits at the top of the heap as made us our most excited.

Trivia is movie trailer themed and should have been fact checked harder.

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Episode One Seven Three: Sadie Sink and Vivien Lyra Blair Appreciation Episode

Episode One Seven Three: Sadie Sink and Vivien Lyra Blair Appreciation Episode

Recorded 7/5/2022

Back on our bullshit.  A proper Two-Shot.  We talk Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi and we talk Stranger Things Season 4.  You can imagine our opinions vary wildly.  Patrick doesn’t think Kenobi’s stakes are high enough, Andrew disagrees.  Andrew loves that Season 4 goes full horror mystery but thinks there are just too many characters, Christopher disagrees.  The discussions are mostly respectful, our mother would be proud.  We also discuss our “Save Me From Vecna” songs.

Trivia is Stranger Things themed and turns out to be not that hard.

Covid is still a thing, act accordingly.

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Episode One Seven Two: Both Patrick and Maverick are Dads now.

Episode One Seven Two: Both Patrick and Maverick are Dads now.

Recorded June 18th, 2022

You read that correctly, Patrick is now a father.  His partner delivered a healthy little girl and he has been on newborn duty these past few weeks.  But that hasn’t stopped him from making a rapid-fire list of things we may have missed in the past couple of months.  We discuss the latest entries in the MCU, the sheer over abundance of genre television and two of us sing the praises of Top Gun Maverick.  And one of us might just be convinced to see it again.  Also we are all playing Baldur’s Gate 3 at release.  Andrew will be completely lost.

Stay tuned for one Shots arriving soon about Obi Wan KenobiStranger Things and much more!

Trivia is Tom Cruise themed.  Because, let’s face it, he is the greatest movie star ever.  And might just be the first truly immortal “human”

The Pandemic is still a thing, take care of each other.

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Episode: One Seven One: Funnier When You Explain It.

Recorded 4/17/2022

There is quite a bit of criticism in this episode.  We discuss the shortcomings of several current geeky properties.  Andrew wishes he cared more about Moon Knight.  Patrick wishes he cared at all about Halo and all three Brothers agree that Star Trek Picard is just boring.  Unfortunately, with all the content available to us, nothing we are watching is really knocking our socks off.

Except, of course, Elden Ring.  Both Christopher and Patrick sing an aria about the fearsomely challenging and beguiling fantasy RPG.

Trivia is Video Game Movie themed.  It’s harder than you think.

Get vaccinated and save the world.

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Episode One Seven Zero: The Rapid-Fire Episode

Recorded April 3rd

This episode is great, truly great.  We talk about all the things.  If you can think of it, we talk about it.  This could be called “What The Brothers Watched, Played and Read for the Six Months They Didn’t Record An Episode” episode.  But that title is absurd.  We argue and agree and fight and get heated and move on.  Essentially, we behave like family who love each other and love to talk about things we love.

Honestly, this could be our Tombstone episode.

Have we over sold it enough?

Trivia is Star Trek themed and very hard.

Get Vaccinated and Save The World.

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Episode One Six Nine: The “The Batman” One Shot

Recorded March 20th, 2022

A true One Shot.  We talk The Batman and little else. 

Patrick wanted a little less of it. Andrew finds many of its moments to be perfect and Chris makes a bold statement.

We all loved it though and will watch it again.

Trivia is Catwoman themed, and hard as hell

Get vaccinated; Save the World.

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Episode One Six Eight: We Pressed the Record Button.

Recorded March 13th, 2022

So, many hiatuses does that make for us? Four? Five?  We won’t ask if you missed us because we know the answer is an unqualified “Yes!”.  We get caught up, kind of. Patrick still hasn’t seen The Batman.  But he will in the near future.  We talk the nut-crushing difficulty of Elden Ring.  Andrew decides it isn’t for him.  We chat about the  satisfying final season of The Expanse.  And the equally satisfying resolution to the book series the show is based on.  We hope that the Halo TV series is just a little bit good and are willing to give season 2 of Star Trek Picard a chance after a mixed bag of a first season.

No trivia this week as Andrew is unprepared.

Save the world, get vaccinated.   

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Episode One Six Seven: The Dune One Shot

Recorded 10/7/21

Nothing has been as anticipated for The Brothers as this movie.  We have said since the very first episode of this podcast that our collective dream is a truly well adapted version of Frank Herbert’s classic novel.  David Lynch’s 1984 abomination forever lives in BrothersGeek Hall of Shame.  The 2000 SyFy miniseries didn’t hit the target.  But Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has hit the bullseye and then some.  We each have seen the film at least twice and we each want to want it again.  We are profuse with our praise of this instant classic.

No trivia this episode as Andrew can’t think of a question that is grand enough.

Save the world, get vaccinated.  

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One Six Six: We Escaped The Matrix!

Episode One Six Six- We Escaped The Matrix!

Recorded 10/10/2021

We won’t ask if you missed us, because we know you did. Life intervened in a big way for all three of your BrothersGeek.  But now we return and the last quarter of the year should be filled with all the geeky content you can handle. 

We learn something quite unique this episode.  It seems our eldest brother, Christopher, a long-avowed Halloween detractor finds himself enthusiastically engaged with certain aspects of the spookiest of holidays.  Two of the brothers have a heady (spoiler free) discussion about Squid Games.   Two other brothers discuss their reaction to “The Empire Strikes Back” season of feel-good favorite Ted Lasso. Christopher sells the other two on the moody horror series Midnight Mass.  And our long-suffering excitement for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has reached it’s crescendo.

Trivia is Dune (novel) themed and impossible.

Get vaccinated and save the world.

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One Six Five: Muddled is a Keyword

Episode One Six Five: Muddled is a Keyword

Recorded 4/25/2021

Truthfully, we recorded this episode so long ago and I did an abysmal job taking notes that I have few specifics to recap in these show notes.  You’d think after 164 episodes of a podcast, I would be better at remembering what we talked about, but alas, here we are. 

I recall we talked about The Falcon and the Winter Solider finale.  Christopher’s reaction was “muddled”.  Hence our episode’s title.  He had a muddled reaction to other things as well.  It became an episode theme but I can’t recall what else he reacted in a muddled way to.

Listen and find out!

Trivia had a theme and I don’t recall what it was or if anyone was successful.

Be a Hero, Get the Vaccine.

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