One Four Eight: The Brothers get spooky, tis the season after all.

One Four Eight: The Brothers get spooky, tis the season after all.

Recorded 10/25/2020

Wedding season is over and it was a resounding success. We return with a renewed energy and renewed focus.  We have a jampacked episode for you this week.  If you love tech talk and adapting entertainment options in the time of Pandemic then this is the episode for you!  Christopher has new movie and gaming tech and we deep dive into the specifics. 

Patrick re-watches a BrothersGeek touchstone film, Predator.  We rabbit hole ever so slightly into the Predator cinematic universe.  The Brothers each have classic and new favorite Halloween watches to recommend.  Surprisingly, an Adam Sandler film gets a rare positive review from 2 of the 3 Brothers.

Patrick has been nostalgia playing Skyrim and Christopher discovers a new Gloomhaven’s character’s many strengths.

Trivia once again is Wonder Woman themed and is disappointing.    

Next episode begins our weekly recap and reacts of The Mandalorian season 2.  Watch along with us!

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Episode One Four Seven: Connectitude is certainly a word

Episode One Four Seven: Connectitude is certainly a word

Recorded September 10th

We watched the Dune trailer a lot this week.  And we talk about it a lot.

We talk about other things too.  Lovecraft Country, Gloomhaven, Divinity: Original Sin, WonderWoman1984.  But honestly, we talk mostly about the Dune trailer.  Christopher admits to real emotion about it.

Watch the trailer below and let us know how it makes you feel.

Trivia is once against Wonder Woman themed.  It should be easy, but it isn’t

Wear a mask, be a hero.

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Episode One Four Six: The DC FanDome episode

Episode One Four Six: The DC FanDome episode

Recorded 9/1/2020

After a sizable delay, we have a special episode this week.  We talk all things DC FanDome. 

Surprisingly (or not) we have mixed feelings about what we saw.  We discuss the trailers for Justice League-The Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman 1984 and The Batman.  Some of us are excited and some of us are less so.

Please find links to the various trailers included below.

Trivia is Wonder Woman themed.  Because we all need to pay more attention to one of DC’s greatest heroes. 

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One Four Five: The Brothers Geek Watch The Dark Knight

Episode One Four Five: The Brothers Geek Watch The Dark Knight

Recorded 8/13/2020

We continue our watch along commentary of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.  It’s safe to say, we love these movies.  We make a strong argument that

TDK is the best super-hero movie ever.   We dive deep into the movie’s trivia. We turn a critical eye to the larger themes of human choice, consequence and compromise the film illustrates. Chris explains game theory, Andrew theorizes about a democracy’s

reaction to terrorism, and Patrick opines on the ramifications of a surveillance state.  Legit, all of this is covered… as we watch a movie about a grown man dressed as a bat who fights a grown man in clown makeup. 

If you haven’t watched this film recently, now is the perfect time for a revisit of this modern masterpiece.

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Episode One Four Four: Andrew Gets Triggered.

Episode One Four Four: Andrew Gets Triggered.

Recorded 8/2/2020

We explore Einstein’s Theories in this episode.  Andrew fails to correctly explain General Relativity more than once.  Chris has read multiple books on the subject and is happy to provide recommendations.  We have a long, winding, in depth and comprehensive discussion on the Arthurian legends, jump started by our mutual “meh”ness surrounding the Netflix series Cursed.  We report and editorialize on the upcoming release of Halo Infinite for the Xbox Series X.  This triggers a discussion on our shared need to likely update our entertainment equipment across the board.

Trivia is Halo franchised themed. And the Boys just miss the target.

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One Four Three: The Brothers Geek Watch Batman Begins

Episode One Four Three: The Brothers Geek Watch Batman Begins

Recorded July 22nd 2020

We watch one of our favorite movies.  A movie about one of our favorite fictional characters.  A movie written and directed by one of our favorite directors.  So it should come as no shock that we spend quite a bit of this episode talking about how much we love this movie.  This is our first episode in a planned trilogy of episodes watching Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” films.  Watch along with us!

Be Like Batman.  Wear a mask to protect those you love. 

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Episode One Four Two: She’s Above the Line, I’m Below The Line.

Episode One Four Two: She’s Above the Line, I’m Below The Line.

Recorded July 12th, 2020

In this episode of the Brothers Geek, we encourage you to wear a mask. We also talk geeky stuff.  Chris continues to watch mediocre series on Netflix.  He makes a nomination for this week’s Not Ugly Award. And he is pleasantly surprised by an action movie starring our father’s favorite, Charlize Theron. Patrick is playing Diablo III.  Both he and Christopher continue to persuade Andrew that Baldur’s Gate III is a must buy.  Andrew is through season 3 of Legend of Korra and is supremely impressed with the series so far.  In this week’s Gloomhaven update: Christopher and Legendary Listener Shawn spend 2 hours of their Sunday playing one encounter and are not victorious. Tune in next episode to see if they ever do survive the ooze!

Trivia is Perry Mason themed and is surprising.  

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One Four One: Beware the Schmaltz Gom Jabbar

One Four One: Beware the Schmaltz Gom Jabbar

Recorded June 28th 2020

It’s been a while.  How are you? We hope you are well.  The Brothers have been busy, even in a pandemic, life goes on.  Chris has been a Super Dad to his adult daughters.  Wedding planning and helping with moving and kicking major ass.  Andrew has been a very good uncle.  And Patrick has been useless.  We kid but it’s kind of true.   We talk movies and more movies and then we talk tv shows.  Patrick made a Red Box run with mixed results.  Chris is sucked into mediocre television and can’t escape.  Andrew re-watched maybe the greatest genre tv show off all time and it’s better the second time.  Chris and Patrick plan to play a new video game and might just convince Andrew to join in.

Trivia is Dune themed and is impossible.

Be a Hero, Wear a Mask

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One Four Zero: Ghouls are the Funnest Undead

Episode One Four Zero: Ghouls are the Funnest Undead

Recorded May 24th 2020

Miss us?   We missed you.  We spend a substantial portion of this episode discussing the difference between a ghoul and a zombie.  We clear everything up and reach a consensus.  Patrick is deep into Dungeon Mastering and he is loving every second of it.  Andrew re-watches Avatar The Last Airbender and it is still (maybe) the best animated series of all time and certainly can boast that its series finale is perfection.  Chris geeks out over new Gloomhaven paraphernalia he assembles with his own two hands.  We, of course, discuss the pandemic’s effects on geek culture and we hope you are all staying safe. 

 Trivia is Avatar The Last Airbender themed.

Wear a mask and be a hero.  

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One Three Nine: The Brothers Geek Watch The Rise of Skywalker

One Three Nine:  The BrothersGeek Watch The Rise of Skywalker

Recorded May 6th 2020 

The title says it all.  We watch Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker live via discord and record our conversation.  We have a very special guest contributor and the discussion ranges all over the storytelling and geekery map.

Sync up your streaming device or Blu-Ray Disc and watch along with us.

Be Warned.  Spoilers.  


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