Forty Nine: Something, Something, Future?


We are back and look towards the Future. What are we excited about, not excited about, What looks great, what looks bad and what should have been released 5 years ago.
All are current with “The Expanse”.  Andrew in particular has been won over after his initial qualms with the show.  Chris binged “The Man in The High Castle”  He can’t say enough about it.  We discuss the seemingly YA adaptation of ‘The Shannara Chronicles” on MTV.  Actress Poppy Drayton gets the not Ugly Award.
Andrew has finished “Nemesis Games”.  It’s not his favorite of “The Expanse” novels.  Chris reads many many comics, like A LOT of comics.  Patrick has read volume 4 of “Saga”  His affection for the characters is waning and even the absurdity of dragon semen is wearing thin.
Christopher and Andrew play “Destiny” on the Xbox One with Legendary Listener Shawn.  It has become a Sunday night tradition.  Patrick plays the free to play “Mech Warrior Online”   Two hours into the game and it’s still fun to blow shit up.
Classic Disney
What is the first full length animated feature film and what year was it released?
Bonus: Why did Disney use so many fairy tales in his early films?

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Forty Eight: Star Wars The Force Awakens One Shot

Recorded 12/23/2015
The most anticipated movie ever is released.  And we react to it, (obviously). Our theories are confirmed and exploded.  We share our viewing stories.  We report the news of its release and we share our hopes for the re-launched and reinvigorated franchise.  We record in the same room and 2/3rds of us are drinking.  We feel we have been building to this since our podcast launched.  This is quite the memorable episode.
H.S.F. now and forever.

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Forty Seven: 2 Days, 22 hours, 43 minutes and 15 seconds from now….

Episode Forty Seven: 2 Days, 22 hours, 43 minutes and 15 seconds from now….
Recorded 12/14/2015.
We read an email from listener Chris Scott, he has some interesting things to say about our Star Wars Trailer One Shot.
We all have watched the first episode of “The Expanse” through various channels. Episode 2 will air on 12/16.  We all love the books and can’t wait to see if the series get’s it right.  It has the potential to be “Battlestar Galactica” good.
The “Flash/Arrow” crossover is high quality and launches the “Legends of Tomorrow“ well.
“Arrow” is all over the place.  Almost terrible right now.  Even Stephen Amell’s Not Ugliness isn’t saving it.
Andrew reads “Nemesis Games” FINALLY the plot gets moving
Christopher reports on “Childhood’s End”.  It is Arthur C. Clarke’s masterpiece.  And he wrote “2001: A Space Odyssey” so…. That’s saying something.
Patrick quizzes us on a fantasy novel he is reading.  It sounds like a lot of things we have read before.
Andrew and Chris report “Destiny‘s” December Update. Sparrow Racing League and the future of “Destiny” being free to play events rather than huge DLCs.
Andrew has purchased Halo 5 Xbox On but  has yet to hook it up.  He has been BUSY!
Patrick is playing “Fallout 4” and streaming on Twitch.  He dies a lot.  It’s pretty awesome.
New! Brothers Geek Twitch channel
New! Brothers Geek Youtube channel
In “Episode VI: Return of The Jedi“, Yoda, on his death bed, describes the Dark Side of the Force in 3 words. What are those words?
The Boys fail, rather terribly.

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Forty Six: Jessica Jones is good, like really good, but we don’t like her.

Episode Forty Six:  Jessica Jones is good, like really good, but we don’t like her.
“Jessica Jones” is Marvel’s latest Netflix series.  It’s amazing enough what we gush about it for an entire One Shot.  Casting, writing, tone, themes, plotting, all are spot on.  It’s a nearly flawless first season.  We discuss how it fits into the larger MCU, the perfection of Kristen Ritter, the Not Ugliness of Mike Colter, and super powered sex.

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Forty Five:Is Andrew a True Star Wars Fan?

Episode Forty Five: Is Andrew a true Star Wars Fan?
Recorded 11/21/2015
We catch up after 3 weeks of not recording. We discuss our respective Thanksgiving plans.  If you weren’t sure we were brothers before, you certainly will be sure now.
All the Boys are current on “Supergirl”  We enjoy it to varying degrees.  Christopher confirms his 10 year old daughter loves it.  “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” has dropped on Netflix.  We all make the commitment to watch the entire season before the next podcast.
Andrew is deep into “Nemesis Games”.  It has a very different feel than the other “The Expanse” books but that’s not bad.  He has stacks and stacks of comic books to read and is ashamed he is so far behind.
Both Christopher and Patrick have finished “The Aeronaut’s Windlass” by Jim Butcher.  Both agree that the book finishes very strong.  Butcher writes a very exciting last third the novel.  No one has any idea how many books will be in the series.
Andrew plays more “Destiny”  He needs to buy an Xbox One.  He will play “Star Wars: Battlefront” and “Halo 5”.  He needs to do some adult money spending first.  Patrick thinks that is lame.
Christopher plays “Forza”, “Halo 5” on his Xbox One. And, of course, “Destiny”.
Patrick has played “Star Wars: Battlefront” and “Fallout 4” both on PS4 and Xbox One.  He wishes “Battlefront” had more story.  He cannot tell the difference in the high definition of either console.
In “Episode IV: A New Hope“  Luke wants to go into the Toshi Station to pick up what?  (in the whiniest voice imaginable).
And what is Uncle Owen’s reply?
Neither of the Brothers can get both parts.

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Forty Four: The Star Wars Trailer Episode


Episode Forty Four: The Star Wars Trailer Episode.

Recorded 10/25/2015

A unique episode. A One Shot, if you will.


“There are stories about what happened”

“It’s true, all of it.”


The final, full trailer for “The Force Awakens” debuted this past Monday during halftime of Monday Night Football. It seems like the world has been different ever since.

Our fervor for Episode VII has reached critical mass. We examine the excitement and reaction to the trailer, the surge of online ticket sales, and we unpack with sincerest love the new trailer shot by shot. We gush and we speculate and we fall in love with Star Wars all over again.

Watch it for yourselves and feel The Force flow through you.


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Forty Three: This Movie needs Giant Robots Punching The Ghosts.


Episode Forty Three: This Movie needs Giant Robots Punching The Ghosts.

Recorded 10-19-2015


We have a looooonnnnngggg, in depth, and, erudite discussion on the current state of Fall television. What we like, what we wish was better, what we are slowly losing interest in and what we have already lost interest in entirely.

All have seen “Bridge of Spies” We each feel differently.

Patrick has major issues with “Crimson Peak” It’s weak. On many levels.


Andrew has consumed “Abbadon’s Gate” The Expanse is a fantastic series. He loves so many characters and wishes his favorites would return more often. Christopher teases he won’t have to wait very long.

Patrick is reading “Aeronaut’s Windlass” by pod-cast favorite Jim Butcher. It’s mostly just fun, he wishes it was great.
Christopher is reading like 29 comics books right now and “Aeronaut’s Windlass” He feels similar to Patrick.


Patrick plays “Betrayal on House on the Hill” with his Partners in Crime Shane and Gabby. He was the Betrayer! Thing became very intense.
Andrew and Chris continue to love all the content in “Destiny: The Taken King“.
Andrew says it’s almost too much and he needs to focus more and get things done.
In Episode III, Obi-Wan Kenobi is sent on a mission to hunt down General Grievous on Utapua. After an intense lightsaber dual and perilous chase, Obi-Wan manages to shoot Grievous just before the Droid General can escape.

What two word comment does Obi-Wan make after using a blaster to finally defeat Grievous?

Both Succeed!


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