Twenty: Read Dune. You’re Welcome

Our Podcast can almost buy booze!

News:  We report on the huge Marvel Cinematic Universe media event of last week.  Upcoming five years of Marvel films were announced.  We examine, ponder, speculate, lament, geek out and beat it to death.  It’s quite amazing.


All watch “The Flash” and “Arrow”.  The most recent episode of “The Flash” has possibly some of the coolest action we have seen on TV in a long time.

Christopher binge-watches “The Blacklist”  He has a man crush on James Spader.  We agree that’s not weird at all.


Andrew reads “Dune” because all the cool kids are doing it.  He also purchases “The World of Ice and Fire”, the illustrations alone are worth the money.

Christopher starts “The Crimson Campaign” by Brian McClellan, book two of “The Powder Mage Trilogy”.

Christopher fires up “World of Warcraft” in anticipation of “The Warlords of Draenor” expansion dropping on 11-13-2014.  He has to re-learn some game mechanics.  His muscle memory is all “Destiny” and Diablo right now.
All play “Destiny”.  We comment on the differences between the Playstation and Xbox expansion packs dropping on 12-9-2014.  We continue to discover new aspects of the game.
A Song of Ice and Fire themed this week,  Name Five of the Nine Free Cities.
Challenging and obscure.  The Boys love it.

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Nineteen: Smooth Intros are our MacGuffin


We never have a smooth intro…. or outro….. or show in general.


We track the story of the leak, retraction, and eventual release of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer.
We dissect it.  We geek out.  We report of fan theories.  We are at the height of our powers.


“Agents of SHIELD” continues to impress.  We feel Joss’s fingerprints on the latest episodes.  Adrianne Palicki is a very not ugly woman.

“The Flash” is fun and silly and “super hero-y”  We delve into his Rogue’s Gallery.


the “Heroes of Olympus” series is read by Andrew.  He gets goofed on.  His love of Greek Mythology adds to his experience of this children’s book.

Christopher finishes “The Promise of Blood”.  The ending is fantastic and second book will be read very soon.

Patrick continues with “Dune”.  He reaches the point in the book where the film he is most familiar veers away from the text.  It’s jarring.  Chris hates the movie.


“Destiny” and more “Destiny”.  Andrew reports on his character level-ling status.  Christopher and Patrick are impressed how committed Andrew is to the game.  Patrick gives details of his latest assault on the Vault of Glass.

the Boys are challenged to name the single highest selling single issue comic book ever.  The answer is surprising.

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Watch Patrick Play Destiny!


Patrick plays Destiny with his Friends, you can watch live, or watch past Broadcasts. Patrick is still new to this, so pardon the strange length of some Videos.

Also visit his Channel on Youtube to watch more Videos, Should publish more soon!

My Latest Video


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Eighteen: Monologue-ing about Frank Herbert’s “Dune” is Encouraged

We took a week off and we come back better than ever!

News: We report on the scheduled release dates for every comic book movie for the next decade ( or so).  And we go on too long about Marvel’s Civil War mini-series from 8 years ago.

click link to see the chart.


The Brothers Geek love “Fury”.  One of us hates Brad Pitt a little too much then is reasonable.
Christopher is fully embracing the new “Doctor Who”.  Patrick is behind.

Andrew and Christopher love the first two episodes of season 5 of “The Walking Dead”.  Patrick doesn’t watch the show, is wrong.


Christopher is racing to finish book one of the “Powder Mage trilogy”.  The story has evolved in some very interesting directions.

Andrew reads “Hawkeye” by Matt Fraction.  He loves the new character of Kate Bishop.

Patrick listens to Frank Hebert’s “Dune” on the Audible app.  He loves it.  The Dune love-fest follows shortly.


Lots and Lots and Lots of “Destiny”.  We have issues with the story (as it makes no sense) but the game play is unquestionably fun.  We all have 20+ leveled characters.

The boys are challenged on a question concerning one of our favorite and more prolific comic book writers, Brian Michael Bendis

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Seventeen: What Geek Level are You?

We are here and we are brothers, with varying degrees of Geekery.

Patrick has been working on a litmus test for Geek Levels.  We discuss this.  We try not to end our bond of fellowship in the process.


Andrew watches “Gotham”. this episode is slightly more fun.

Chris is digging the most recent “Doctor Who”  Interesting new directions for the Doctor and the Companion.

Chris and Andrew watch “Star Wars Rebels”.  A new hope is born in them both.

We all saw “Gone Girl”  We have to stop our Fincher love fest before it becomes awkward.

Christopher and Andrew read “Batman Eternal”.  They want it get on with it already.
Andrew is getting caught up on Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye”  easily one of the best monthly series out there.
Patrick gets a big stack of comics from us in the mail.  He will dive in.  He also read “Ready Player One” and poses and interesting question conceived in the novel.

All play Destiny.  We hope the drops get better.  Patrick describes a very tough raid.  The Brothers Geek Fire team needs to play more together.

Trivia: Name the two films David Fincher has been nominated for a Best Director Oscar.

Supplemental Trivia:  Chris challenges us with a Lord of the Rings character question.

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Sixteen: Warm and Fuzzies from the Rebel Scum


We report on casting news for season 2 of “True Detective” Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn appear to be good choices.  The new season appears to be a long way off though.

We geek out over a Starship Size comparison chart.  We name our favorites.  Check out the link and let us know your favorite.


Our reaction to “Gotham” is lukewarm at best.  We are much more enthusiastic about the Season 2 of “Agents of SHIELD”

The Capaldi Era of “Doctor Who” seems to be improving.  Patrick is concerned he is getting sub-par material to work with.

Andrew reads “Batman Eternal” and “Invincible” and is disappointed in the ending of the latest Emberverse novel.

Chris reads many things.  His interest in the “Powder Mage” triology has been increased due to a recent plot development.

Patrick prompts a discussion on the glut of movies based on YA novels as he has seen so many YA movies lately.

“DESTINY”!  Andrew plays the game on his own and has fun!
Chris and Patrick are proud.
Chris continues to love “Diablo”, the latest patch makes him happy.  Andrew almost hangs himself from disinterest.

The Boys are challenged to name the Best Picture nominees from 1994 and 2003 that beat two of our favorite movies, :”The Shawshank Redemption” and “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”

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Fifteen: Badassery is the new Awesome-sauce

We kept it tight.

We report on Grant Morrison’s Batman news and the recently released plot details of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Chris is very excited for The Vision, a childhood favorite.


Christopher re-watches the “Star Wars” Prequel Trilogy with his 9 year old daughter.  He laments the murder of his own inner 9 year old by George Lucas

Patrick and Andrew both watch “Outlander”.  Andrew is current, Patrick is bored already.


Chris struggles to finish “Codex Alera” by Jim Butcher.

Andrew struggles to finish “The Golden Princess” by SM Stirling.
Both hope the endings of their respective novels will peak their interest in the sequels.

Patrick is digging on “Ready Player One”.  the Audible App is discussed.


The Brothers Geek play “Destiny” on the Xbox 360.  We are crushing hard on it.  We love playing as a fire team.

Patrick’s fear of enough content is resolved.  He has played over 50 hours.

EPL Update.  Draws for all the Brothers except Daniel, his Chelsea Blues remain perfect with 4 victories in 4 matches.


The Boys are challenged to name top 3 box office earning film franchises.  They get 2 and question the validity of the top earner as an actual franchise.

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Fourteen: Chris’ “Phablet” fits in his pocket, he swears

We report on the Apple announcement of the Iphone6, 6Plus and Apple Watch.  We establish Christopher likes batteries.


“The Leftovers” Season 1 Finale delivers on multiple levels.  Storytelling at its finest.  It brings all the Feels.
Andrew is re-watching “Arrow” Season 1 with his lady.  She probably has a thing for Stephen Amell.

Christopher and Patrick discuss most recent “Doctor Who”.  Mixed feelings all around.

We all slack on “Batman Eternal”
Christopher is through “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon” #6
While reading “Ready Player One” Patrick reflects on his own gamer experience.  We feel this is a good thing.
Andrew reads the newest book in the Emberverse series.  Its good adventure.
“Destiny” is played by all
Reviews are good to great, Andrew has no idea what he is doing.  Just likes shooting stuff.
Chris and Patrick have more nuanced reactions.
Andrew bungles it.  The Boys give him appropriate amounts of grief

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Titus Pullo Says “Episode: Thirteen!”

We report on The Rock’s casting as Black Adam in the upcoming “Shazam” film from the DC Cinematic Universe.
We approve.


We all discuss “The Desolation of Smaug”  It’s bloated and silly but Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Smaug is fantastic and the Dragon himself is amazing.

Chris discusses “Homeland”, we all recall our love of “Band of Brothers”.

Patrick and Christopher find this new “Doctor Who” interesting and is glad for the new direction


Batman Eternal #22 and the series as a whole is discussed.

Andrew reads a NON YA book. “The Queen of the Tearling”.

Patrick finishes “A Feast For Crows”.  He is spent.

Christopher continues to enjoy “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon”


Christopher kicks Andrew’s tail in “Mario Kart 8″.  Andrew needs more track time.

Patrick and Christopher play “Diablo” for the Xbox360 and PC respectively.  Their love for the game is strong and not at all excessive.

Destiny arrives on 9-9-2014  All rejoice.

Trivia.  Total minutes of running time for Original Theatrical “Lord of the Rings” films

Both brothers undershoot the actual number.

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