Fifty Four: We Keep Portland Weird

Episode Fifty Three: We keep Portland Weird.
Recorded May 5th, 2016
The BrothersGeek record in a posh Portland hotel room.  Chris is there for work, Andrew is a freeloader, and Patrick lives there (he mostly sleeps under the 312 bridges that cross the river).  We catch up (because if you didn’t know, we haven’t recorded in a fair bit of time).   We are hyped for Captain America: Civil War (which we see later on that day).  We are hyped for Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful (which are back with new episodes).   Chris has caught a bit of a PvP bug with Destiny’s latest Iron Banner event (Andrew gets to rank 5).  All are reading Black Panther and Power Man and Iron Fist (some are more caught up than others).  Andrew describes a night of trivia triumph (the Boys try to not act impressed  but they really are. Like a lot).
(Am I using enough parenthetical phrases?).

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Fifty Three: Batman V Superman One Shot

Recorded 4-5-2016
Wow, much like the molten core of Krypton exploding in “Man of Steel”, our discussion gets heated!  We argue and argue and argue but lovingly, as brothers do.  We discuss the good and the bad and tragically under utilized in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.   Superman is conflicted, Batman is angry, Lex Luthor is a maniac and Wonder Woman finally appears on film and oh man are we happy about it.
The Trinity is assembled! (just a little too briefly)

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Fifty Two: Daredevil Season 2 One Shot


Episode Fifty Two:  Daredevil Season 2 One Shot

Recorded 3-28-2016

SPOILERS ABOUND!  We discuss the entire season.  All the deaths, all the fights, all the cliffhangers, all the brutality, all the genuinely badass moments of Marvel’s darkest Netflix series.  We binged watched the season because of course we did.  Matt Murdoch will beat you senseless but still feels you are worthy of redemption.  He is complicated.  Actually all the characters are layered, fully realized people.  Amazing for a “comic book show” right?  This is comic book television for grown ups.

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Fifty One: Our Nautical is over 9000


Episode Fifty One: Our Nautical is over 9000!

Recorded March 8th 2016

We’re back!  It must have seemed like we were wandering in the wilderness, or combat training in a spaceship with its gravity turned up to 10x Earth normal, or we stepped into a red sun chamber and gave up our powers because we decided we loved a woman more than our mission to protect the people of Earth, or a super villain severely injured our spine and we spent months convalescing whilst our hasty appointed successor descends deeper and deeper into violent madness.  All those things could be could true or we just had trouble finding 90 minutes to talk to each other.


The new “Ghostbusters” trailer is hotly debated.  Chris actually agrees with Andrew on something.

Andrew binges on a pirate show.  Patrick is in love with a weird show about people who do magic.

All read new comic “Power Man and Iron Fist#1”. It’s our new monthly, read along with us!

We also plan on reading “Black Panther” when it drops on 4-6-2016.


The BrothersGeek Fireteam complete a quest in “Destiny”.  Chris and Patrick play more “Divinity”, they use a lot of MMO jargon.  Andrew tries to stay awake.

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Fifty: Han did not love Greedo


Recorded 2/10/2016
We open our hearts and discuss our favorite geek love stories.  This leads us down some unexpected but not unwelcome rabbit holes.
We all have seen Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight”  We all enjoyed it.  Andrew feels it’s a bit safer than most of Tarantino’s films
We all are current with “The Expanse” on SyFy.  We have no issues where season 1 ended.  The addition of the Avasarala character is a welcome change from the first novel.
Chris is current on “Rat Queens“ most recent issue.  We continue to recommend this title our full throated support.  Andrew has been reading “Magnus Chase and Gods of Asgard” whenever he is at a Barnes and Noble, which admittedly, is quite often. it’s a fun, simple adventure.
Patrick doesn’t offer much.  He is ridiculed.
Andrew plays “Star Wars: Battlefront”, it’s fun  but not FUN!
Chris, Andrew, and Legendary Listener Shawn played “Destiny” on Xbox One recently and they just sucked.  It was two hours of struggle bussing.
Patrick and Christopher plays “Divinity: Original Sin” on PC together and this prompts deep dives in the “role playing” aspects of the game.  They plan on streaming their adventures on Twitch very soon.
“Deadpool” first appeared in what comic title in what year?  The Boys are surprised by the correct answers.

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Forty Nine: Something, Something, Future?


We are back and look towards the Future. What are we excited about, not excited about, What looks great, what looks bad and what should have been released 5 years ago.
All are current with “The Expanse”.  Andrew in particular has been won over after his initial qualms with the show.  Chris binged “The Man in The High Castle”  He can’t say enough about it.  We discuss the seemingly YA adaptation of ‘The Shannara Chronicles” on MTV.  Actress Poppy Drayton gets the not Ugly Award.
Andrew has finished “Nemesis Games”.  It’s not his favorite of “The Expanse” novels.  Chris reads many many comics, like A LOT of comics.  Patrick has read volume 4 of “Saga”  His affection for the characters is waning and even the absurdity of dragon semen is wearing thin.
Christopher and Andrew play “Destiny” on the Xbox One with Legendary Listener Shawn.  It has become a Sunday night tradition.  Patrick plays the free to play “Mech Warrior Online”   Two hours into the game and it’s still fun to blow shit up.
Classic Disney
What is the first full length animated feature film and what year was it released?
Bonus: Why did Disney use so many fairy tales in his early films?

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Forty Eight: Star Wars The Force Awakens One Shot

Recorded 12/23/2015
The most anticipated movie ever is released.  And we react to it, (obviously). Our theories are confirmed and exploded.  We share our viewing stories.  We report the news of its release and we share our hopes for the re-launched and reinvigorated franchise.  We record in the same room and 2/3rds of us are drinking.  We feel we have been building to this since our podcast launched.  This is quite the memorable episode.
H.S.F. now and forever.

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