One Six Six: We Escaped The Matrix!

Episode One Six Six- We Escaped The Matrix!

Recorded 10/10/2021

We won’t ask if you missed us, because we know you did. Life intervened in a big way for all three of your BrothersGeek.  But now we return and the last quarter of the year should be filled with all the geeky content you can handle. 

We learn something quite unique this episode.  It seems our eldest brother, Christopher, a long-avowed Halloween detractor finds himself enthusiastically engaged with certain aspects of the spookiest of holidays.  Two of the brothers have a heady (spoiler free) discussion about Squid Games.   Two other brothers discuss their reaction to “The Empire Strikes Back” season of feel-good favorite Ted Lasso. Christopher sells the other two on the moody horror series Midnight Mass.  And our long-suffering excitement for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has reached it’s crescendo.

Trivia is Dune (novel) themed and impossible.

Get vaccinated and save the world.

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One Six Five: Muddled is a Keyword

Episode One Six Five: Muddled is a Keyword

Recorded 4/25/2021

Truthfully, we recorded this episode so long ago and I did an abysmal job taking notes that I have few specifics to recap in these show notes.  You’d think after 164 episodes of a podcast, I would be better at remembering what we talked about, but alas, here we are. 

I recall we talked about The Falcon and the Winter Solider finale.  Christopher’s reaction was “muddled”.  Hence our episode’s title.  He had a muddled reaction to other things as well.  It became an episode theme but I can’t recall what else he reacted in a muddled way to.

Listen and find out!

Trivia had a theme and I don’t recall what it was or if anyone was successful.

Be a Hero, Get the Vaccine.

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Episode One Six Four: We go full Mystery Science Theater

Episode One Six Four: We go full Mystery Science Theater

Recorded 4/11/21

Welcome to a whole new month and your favorite Geeky brothers are back to talk so many things.  We start off with an in depth, high level, engrossing, erudite analysis of one of the dumbest movies each of us have ever seen. Godzilla vs Kong is incredibly fun but holy moly it’s dumb as hell.  We all would watch it again.  We jump into the deep end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.  Patrick has technical issues with the first episode but he gets over them fast.  We each would watch a Sharon Carter in Madripoor series.   Chris and Patrick are current with the Prime Video series Invincible.  It is based on one of our favorite comic book series ever.

Also, Andrew has bought a muscular gaming rig and we plan on putting it to good use.

Trivia is Godzilla vs Kong themed and Christopher was successful.

Be a hero, get the shots and wear a mask.

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Episode One Six Three: The Snyder Cut One Shot

Episode One Six Three: The Snyder Cut One Shot

Recorded 3/21/2021

After years of speculation and handwringing and deviciveness, Zack Snyder’s Justice League has dropped on HBOMax. It is epic, in scope and duration and our acclaim for Snyder’s vision of the comic book cross-over event movie is appropriately positive.  We admit our expectations were extremely low given the near complete dumpster that is the Whedon-cut but they were met and exceeded in almost all regards.

By the end of this episode, we all actually want to watch the 4-hour film a second time

 Trivia is “4 hour” theme and Chris is victorious

Be a hero, wear a mask, get the shot(s)

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Episode One Six Two: Wanda Maximoff Levels Up

Episode One Six Two: Wanda Maximoff Levels Up

Recorded March 7th

After 9 weeks of fan theories and guessing and true internet absurdity, the finale of WandaVision has aired.  And, largely, concludes in satisfying ways.  Our admiration of Elizabeth Olsen and her wonderful achievement of carrying this series is fully cemented.  Chris breaks does the thought experiment “The Ship of Theseues” in true BrothersGeek detail and we are all the better for it We only look forward to more magic and chaos and coming to terms with life altering trauma as Phase 4 of the MCU finally kicks off.

Chris recommends the stellar Nomadland, however, he is not ready to buy a van and live on the road just yet.

Trivia is fumbled briefly because Andrew is unprepared but ends up being Zack Snyder’s Justice League themed anticipation of our next special One Shot.

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Episode One Six One: Whatever Happened to Martian Congressional Navy?

Recorded February 22nd 2021 (probably)

The finale of The Expanse brings together perhaps our most favorite season of the show so far.  And contains maybe the best spacecraft battle ever put to film.  We are left hanging off a cliff at the end of the epic hour of television and we can’t help but be salivating for more from the Amazon Prime Video space opera.

Also WandaVision is incredible.  If you pay attention to the internet you know why and you likely have theories yourself about how it will all wrap up.  At least some of us will be wrong.

I honestly can’t recall what trivia was about this episode.  It was hopefully impossible but educational.

Be A Hero. Wear a Mask.

Episode One Six Two: Wanda Maximoff Levels Up

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One Six Zero: Just Basically A Series of Two Shots At This Point.

One Six Zero: Just Basically A Series of Two Shots At This Point.

Recorded on 1/31/2021

The Expanse rockets towards a finale that really only feels like the first half of a 20 hour space opera epic.  The story so far has built to a climax we recap in our next episode.  WandaVision is wonderful and weird and we are totally enamored.  The mystery of Wanda Maximoff grows ever darker and deeper.  We meet a new hero of the MCU and two old friends show up and Jimmy Woo gives us maybe the best and subtlest call back we could hope for.

Be a Hero, Wear a Mask

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One Five Nine: 3 Camera Sitcoms and 3 Geeky Brothers

One Five Nine: 3 Camera Sitcoms and 3 Geeky Brothers

Recorded January 18th (I think)

We endeavored to talk The Expanse but WandaVision is just so good we can’t avoid diving in the first offering from the MCU in over a year.  It is wildly creative, superbly crafted and deeply confusing.  We each embrace the wondrous use of classic tv “sit-com” tropes the series employ as unique storytelling devices.  The Expanse season 5 continues to impress with its deep humanity in the face of hard, stark science fiction.

Be a Hero, Wear a Mask

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One Five Eight: The First of Many

One Five Eight: The First of Many

Recorded January 9th (probably)

We begin our series of One Shots recapping and reacting to season 5 of The Expanse and absolutely crush the first half of the season.  Season 5 (mostly) adapts book 5 of the James S.A. Corey entitled Nemesis Games.  Chris and Andrew are reminded quickly just how much they enjoyed that particular book in the series.  The nefarious plot of Marco Inaros becomes a stark reality and the status quo of the series is changed forever. 

Be a Hero, Wear a Mask

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One Five Seven: A Cast of Thousands

Episode One Five Seven: A Cast of Thousands!

Recorded January 3rd 2021

This episode is truly supersized.  And we have so many special guests it’s almost silly.  Brothers and nephews and nieces and girlfriends and brothers-in-law and cousins and The Progenitor himself, our father, the tata, Timothy appears.  Each special guest gives their picks for their favorite geeky thing of 2020, be it movies, TV, games or books.   We look forward to 2021 and all the geeky things the new year has to offer.

We get a special treat as our father recounts just where the geekiness we all possess originated.  This episode does not disappoint.

Trivia is 2020 Box Office and completely impossible because no one really remembers going to the movies

Happy New Year!  Wear a Mask!

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